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A description of the geology of the Newnes area is being prepared for this page. This description is intended to be based on published stratigraphy of the area, as well as from drill logs in the area, if possible. Some general descriptions of the mines in the area and the nature of Torbanite (the type of oil-shale that was mined here) may also be included.
Please Note: This page on geology is still being prepared. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Further Reading:
  • Picket, J.W. and Alder, J.D., 1997. LAYERS OF TIME: THE BLUE MOUNTAINS AND THEIR GEOLOGY. NSW Dept. of Mineral Resources, Sydney. 34pp.
    (Although specifically dealing with the Blue Mountains area south and east of Newnes Junction, this book also serves as a very good introduction to the geology that is found in the Newnes area.)
  • Herbert, C. and Helby, R. (eds), 1980. A GUIDE TO THE SYDNEY BASIN. Geological Survey of NSW, Bulletin 26, NSW Dept. of Mineral Resources, Sydney. 603pp.
    (A far more in-depth coverage of Sydney Basin geology. It also contains an extensive list of references.)
  • Carne, J.E., 1903. THE KEROSENE SHALE DEPOSITS OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of NSW, Geol. 3. NSW Dept. of Mineral Resources, Sydney. 333pp.
    A major work on the oil-shale industry in New South Wales and its geology. Covers all aspects of this industry prior to the establishment of Newnes.)
  • Goldbery, R., 1969. GEOLOGY OF THE WESTERN BLUE MOUNTAINS. Geological Survey of NSW, Bulletin 20, NSW Dept. of Mineral Resources, Sydney. 173pp, 13plates.
    (A bit dated now, but this volume has a number of stratigraphic logs, including one at Wolgan Gap and another at Glen Davis.)
  • Cox, R., O'Dea, T.R., and Graylin, R.K., 1980. Economic Geology of the Wolgan Coking Coal Deposit, Western Coalfield, N.S.W., Australia. Proc. Australas. Inst. Min. Metall., No.273, pp. 1-12
    (Somewhat technical, but deals with the coal tested in the mid 1970s just south of Newnes.)
Some other works are listed on the bibliography page.
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