(Eulogy as read by his grand-daughter, Jean Ticehurst)

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all here today; not to mourn and grieve, but to smile at the fond memories which occurred in the journey of the life of our dearest Hubert Alfred Tweedie, my Grandpa.
Grandpa was born in Katoomba, son of Hubert Leslie and Bertha Tweedie; one of five children who shared the greatest of love for each other and for their mother, especially after their father died at a very early age when the family were residing at Auburn.
Grandpa married in 1937 and four children were born - Francies, Bruce, David and Carole.
War arrived in 1939. Grandpa enlisted three times and was rejected three times because of his engineering skills; Australia needed him more at home.
The outdoors was in his blood so, in 1953, Grandpa, his mother and "brood" relocated to "Koopartoo" near Newnes, where his father had previously been a storekeeper. During the years at "Koopartoo" with the help of his mother, the children grew up, married and moved on.
In 1988 Grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was advised that he had three months to live, so he decided to sell "Koopartoo" and move west to Condobolin, not far from Bogan Gate where his mother had spent her early years. Many happy years were spent as a "social butterfly" and nurturing his beautiful and much admired garden. Much sadness in the tragic loss of his son David in 1990.
In 2000 Grandpa completed a course in computers through Western Institute of TAFE at the age of eighty three.
2003 - illness struck again. The wheel turned another cog and Grandpa returned to Cullen Bullen, over the mountain from "Koopartoo", returning to the warm circle of his three remaining children, all who loved and cared for him.
2004 - here we are again, back where he was born; the wheel has turned full circle.
Vale Hubert Alfred Tweedie; loved and respected by all who knew him.
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