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The information in this list has come from a 5-page, 1932 Shale Oil Development Committee Document No. S365.
It is held by Australian Archives, Sydney; Ref: SP954/1, Box 9 [This web-site ref: Cuttings 1932; 1.13 to 1.17]
The original was typed with some hand-written amendments. Wording below in square brackets is not on the original document, but has been added for clarification.

NumberNameOccupation Remarks
R01Thomas, R.Ganger
R02King, W.Fettler
R03Dixon, M.Fettler
R04MacDonald, K.Fettler
R05Burnett, J.FettlerTransferred to mine
R06Shumack, J.Fettler
R07Jones, W.Fettler
R08Sloan, E.Fettler
R08aGlynn, T.Fettler
R09Zobel, M.Traffic
R10Hall, J.Loco Driver
R11Hall, R.Loco Driver
R12Maher, D.Fireman
R13Hall, J. (jnr)Guard[d-c]
R14Dando, O.-

NumberNameOccupation Remarks
W01Burns, J.Labourer
W02Guthrie, J.Retort Foreman
W03Guthrie, V.Retort Foreman
W04Baird, H.Retort Foreman
W05McAndrew, N.Retort Hand
W06Kennedy, J.Retort Hand
W07Moore, H.Retort Hand
W07aHawkin, B.Retort Hand[from W46]
W08Case, H.Retort Hand
W09Wilson, F.Retort Hand
W10Brennan, R.Retort Hand
W11Penrose, R.Retort Hand
W12Stewart, G.Still Foreman
W13Smith, S.Still Hand
W14Griffiths, N?Still Hand
W15Booth, I.Still Cleaner
W16Norris, A.Electrician
W17Thompson, W.Elec. Mechanic
W18Callaghan, D.Elec. Mechanic
W19Parkes, H.Labourer
W20Renshall, J.Power House Attendant
W21Boyling, J.Power House Attendant
W22Deloraine, S.Fireman
W23Brown, C.Fireman
W24Ryles, G.Fireman
W25Boyling, A.Trimmer
W26Race, G.Trimmer
W27Illsley, F.Foreman Engineer
W28Morris, W.Foreman Carpenter
W29Delaney, V.Sawyer
W30Larkin, T.Carpenter
W31Batty, J.Fitter
W32Race, A.Bricklayer
W33Race, J.Bricklayer
W34Shannon, E.Bricky's Laborer [sic]
W35Griffiths, G.Engineer's Smith
W36Jones, W.Striker
W37Skea, W.Fitter
W38Cooper, A.Pipe Fitter
W39Addis, H.Fitter
W40McAndrew, K.Pipe Fitter
W41Larkin, L.Boiler Maker
W42Thompson, A.Fitter
W43Guthrie, N.Oxywelder[see also W57]
W44Wilson, T. (jnr)Motor Lorry
W45Wilson, J. (Boy)Boy
W46Hawken, B.Labourerto #7 on retorts [see W07a]
W47Orchard, L.Linesman
W48DOYLE, E.Labourer
W49MacDonald, R.Groom
W50Pitt, E.Foreman CarpenterPaid off
W51de Paoli, C.Labourer
W52Bertolatti, G.Labourertransferred
W53Gow, S.Clerk
W54Davies, A.Junior
W55Wilson, T.V.Storeman
W56Scott, C.Labourer
W57Guthrie, V.Hire of Oxyplant[see W43]
W58Grady, R.Hire of Horse
W59Booth, C.Hire of Horse[see S01]
w59aRace, G.Trimmer
W59bSmith, L. (jnr)Boytemporary

Shale Mines
NumberNameOccupation Remarks
Contract Miners
SaPenrose & Booth[possibly S01 & S02]
SbLewis & Ford[possibly S13 & S12]
ScBourke & Robertson[possibly S15 & S18]
SdPrice & Price[possibly S10 & S11]
SeFaber & Crowe[possibly S22 & S14]
SfChambers & Lowrey[possibly S06 & -]
SgCase & Noon[possibly S03 & S16]
ShJackson & Whiteoak[possibly S08 & S17]
S01Booth, C.Miner
S02Penrose, M.Miner
S03Case, A.Miner
S04Young, A.Miner
S05Tully, F.Miner
S06Chambers, J.Miner
S07Hope, H.Miner
S08Jackson, W.Miner
S09Luck, W.Miner
S10Price, W.Miner
S11Price, W.E.Miner
S11aByrce?, T.Minerfrom Coal Mine
S12Ford, R.Miner
S13Lewis, A.Miner
S14Crowe, R.Miner
S15Bourke, J.Miner
S16Noon, G.Miner
S17Whiteoak, L.Miner
S18Robertson, J.Miner
S19McAndrew, E.Miner
S20Mathieson, J.Miner
S21Halloran, T.Shiftman
S22Faber, L.Miner
S23Ribbons, D.Wheeler
S24James, P.Wheelernow Shiftman
S25Millard, AWheeler
S26Baker, M.Wheeler
S27Johnston, H.Wheeler
S28Gelick, J.Fitter
S29Regan, B.Blacksmith
S31Hyham, R.Machineman
S32Robson, J.Shiftman
S33Hurst, P.Shiftman
S34Wilson, P.Shiftmanbrusher
S35Baker, E.Shiftman
S35aLuck, A.Shiftman
S36Campbell, A.Deputy
S37Gristy, W.Shiftman
S38Shaw, J.Wheeler
S39Case, D.Boy 16
S40Booth, B.Boy 16
S41Crowe, R. (jnr)Boy 16
S42Grady, R.Labourer
S43Hampson, R.Deputy
S44O'Shea, E.Eng. Driver
S45Riley, T.First Aid
S46Grimshaw, G.Laboror [sic][see also S50]
S47Murphy, W.Carpenter
S47aAnderson, P.Shiftman
S47bBre?..., J.Wheeler
S48Dewar, F.Shiftman
S49Muir, W.Shiftman
S50Grimshaw, G.Hire of Horse[see S46]
S50aGreen, R.Laborer [sic]

Coal Mine
NumberNameOccupation Remarks
Contract Miners
CaTully & Mathieson
CbMcCombie & Crowe
CcMcAndrew & Lowrey [Lowrey deleted; "Humfries" added][but see Ce]
CdBryce & Munphrey
CeMcAndrew & Humphrey [see also amended Cc]
C01McCombie, R.Brusher
C02Carmichael, J.Shiftman
C03Hughes, W.Shiftman
C04Faber, J.Wheeler
C05Calder, G.Eng. Drivernow Crawford [see C10]
C06Murphy, W.Carpenter
C07Carragher, E.Brusher
C08Grimshaw, R.Boy
C09Stephenson, R.S.Deputy
C10Crawford, R.Eng. Driver

Office Staff at Newnes (Salaries)
NumberNameOccupation Remarks
O01Miller, E.S.Chairman of Committee
O02Hall, W.J.Works Manager
O03Bissett, DMine Manager

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