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Introduction -
The following are some other places in the Lithgow area that you might like to visit. Most havesome connection with Newnes. We have not visited them all ourselves, so comments here are rather brief. They have been included because some visitors have asked us about them for some reason or other. For further details of these and other interesting places in the Lithgow district, contact the Lithgow Visitors Centre.
Warning - Misuse of the name "Newnes" -
The plateau country south of Newnes and extending back to Clarence, is generally known as the "Newnes Plateau" and contains the "Newnes State Forest". Most of the places listed below relate to this area which is centred on "Bungleboori", a picnic area at an important road junction. Unfortunately, some people are tending to call the plateau area "Newnes", which has mislead and confused some people in the past. This is particularly a problem when one realises that it is over 50km between Newnes and Bungleboori by the shortest vehicular route.

On sealed roads out of Lithgow:
  • Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand)
    This is an open access natural site.
    This environment is fragile, so please treat this area with extreme care.
    This is a short distance off the Wolgan Road (the road to Newnes) about 1km south of Wolgan Gap. Drive 800m up the unsealed Blackfellows Hand Trail to a clearing on your right. From here, a short, but rough foot track leads to a cave with aboriginal hand and weapon stencils.
    The Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand) Fire Trail is a 4WD short-cut between here and Bungleboori on the Clarence to Glow-worm Tunnel road.
  • State Mine Museum
    Open weekends and public holidays. Access from Inch and Atkinson Streets, Lithgow.
    The road past here is another access road to Bungleboori and the Newnes Plateau area.
  • The Zig Zag Railway
    Please Note: The Zig Zag Railway is currently not operating. It is due to restart in October 2013. More info on their web-site.
    A very popular tourist attraction, east of Lithgow on Chifley Road at Clarence (Bells Line of Road route to Sydney). Open seven days. Vintage rail motors run during the week and steam trains at weekends. Phone 6355-2955.
    The entrance to the Zig Zag Railway car park is also the start of the road to the Glow-worm Tunnel from Clarence.
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On the "Newnes Plateau":
See Access to Newnes page for map showing most of the access roads to these places.
See Glow-worm Tunnel Walk page for further details about the Glow-worm Tunnel area.
  • Glow-worm Tunnel from the southern end
    Access is via Bungleboori starting from either the Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow (past the State Mine Museum) and Blackfellows Hand Fire Trail. There is a walk of just over 1km from the current end of this road to the tunnel and we recommend that you go even further and walk through the tunnel to experience the beautiful gorge and the cliffs beyond. You will need a torch for the tunnel.
  • Deep Pass
    Open access natural site. Four wheel drive only.
    Access is off the road to the Glow-worm Tunnel, north of Bungleboori. Bushwalk into canyon.
  • Lost City
    Open access natural site. Four wheel drive only.
    Access is from the road from Clarence to the Glow-worm Tunnel. At Bungleboori, head west 200m on Blackfellows Hand Trail; turn left for another 200m; then head west-south-west on track for about 4km. Short walk to a view over some Pagoda-type rock formations that are in this area.
Road conditions, Newnes Plateau area:
For current information on road conditions on the Newnes Plateau, contact the Lithgow Visitors Centre (Phone (02) 6352-1859).
  • The Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand) Fire Trail: This is sometimes passable for 2WD. Most of the rough bits are towards the western end (1st gear and drive slowly) and it is not for the faint hearted. Just remember, it is a fire-trail. If heading west from Bungleboori, take right hand track, then left hand track at two prominent, but unsignposted, "Y" junctions shortly after leaving Bungleboori.
  • Glow-worm Tunnel Road (Lithgow to Deane section): This is in reasonable condition, but, as it has numerous potholes, you need to drive with care. The section of road through the pine forest is hard (and rough) gravel, but there are also clay sections both north and south of this that would require care in wet weather. The descent into Lithgow is steep (drive carefully), but goes through spectacular rock formations.
  • The section of the Glow-worm Tunnel Road north of Deane is narrow, so watch out for oncoming vehicles.
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Gardens of Stone National Park:
This park is made up of three separate sections:
  • Eastern Section This is on the Newnes Plateau and is effectively an extension of Wollemi National Park. It is on the western side of the Glow-worm tunnel road north of the pine plantations of Newnes State Forest extending to just beyond Deane Siding. It is mostly plateau scrub country, with parts extending over the escarpment and down to Carne Creek and the back of the Emirates Resort. There are no tracks in this area.
  • Donkey Mountain Section This is in the Wolgan Valley and mostly includes the long island-like Donkey Mountain. Access is at a car park adjacent to the Wolgan Road about 11km from the bottom of Wolgan Gap and 11km south of the Newnes Hotel. There are no tracks and it is probably best to go with a guide, or someone who knows the way. There are numerous cliffs and crevices on the tops that require care, but the experience is magical according to those who have been there.
  • Western Section (includes Baal Bone Gap and Pantoneys Crown) This takes in what was the Pantoneys Crown Nature Reserve, Capertee State Forest and quite a bit of old crown land. It extends south of the Capertee to Glen Davis Road from the Castlereagh Highway in the west, eastwards along the ridge separating the Wolgan and Capertee Valleys to link up with Wollemi National Park in the vincinity of Mt. Dawson. The main road access from the south is along the 4WD track from near Wolgan Gap to Baal Bone Gap, then westwards to link up with the Castlereagh Highway near Ben Bullen. There is also a foot track from Baal Bone Gap northwards down Crown Creek to join the Glen Davis Road. This foot track, the 4WD road south to Wolgan Gap (and, indeed, the Wolgan Road from there back to Lidsdale) form part of the Bicentennial National Trail.
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Glen Davis:
  • Site of the oil-shale works that replaced Newnes. Turn off Mudgee Road at Capertee then 30km drive to east.
    It is 100km by road from Newnes to Glen Davis, via Lidsdale and Capertee, but there is a 10km walking track, the "Pipeline Pass", that links these two places. See Other Newnes Walks page for further details of this walk.
  • Tours are now running through the privately-owned oil-shale works site at Glen Davis every Saturday starting at 2.00pm. Meet the owner of the property at the gate.
The site of the Glen Davis oil-shale works is on private property and the works site is usually not open to the public, other than for the Saturday tours.

Contact the Lithgow Visitors Centre, Bowenfels, for details of other places of interest in the Lithgow area.
(Open 7 days 9am to 5pm, but closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.) (Phone 1300-760-276)
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