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Train at Newnes
     end of tunnel
This tunnel was built as part of a railway that once went to Newnes. After the railway was pulled up, glow-worms made their home in this abandoned tunnel. While glow-worms occur in various other places throughout the Blue Mountains, the curve of this tunnel makes it sufficiently dark to be one of the few places to see them during daylight hours. (Yes, you will need a torch; see note below.) Glow-worm Tunnel
To see the glow-worms, turn off torches and remain silent. They will appear after a short wait. Please do not disturb the glow-worms in any way.
The tunnel is not the only attraction in this area. If visiting the tunnel from the southern end, make sure you continue through the tunnel to see the gorge and cliffs at the northern (Newnes) end. Here the tunnel ends in the spectacular setting of a cave in a gorge filled with tree ferns. Only a short distance further on, the formation passes under tall cliffs as it enters the Wolgan Valley on its way to Newnes.
(<--- left) Hamming it up for the camera in the old days.
The northern (Newnes) entrance to the Glow-worm tunnel today. (right --->)
(Click either photo for more pictures of the Glow-worm Tunnel area.)

Important points to remember:
1, Don't forget your torch! The Glow-worm tunnel is very dark, which is why you can see the glow-worms in the daytime. To find your way into, though and out of the tunnel, you will need a torch of some sort.
2: There are no through roads in the Glow-worm Tunnel area. All tracks in the Glow-worm Tunnel area are walking tracks and there is no direct access by vehicle between the southern end of the Glow-worm tunnel and the Wolgan Valley. The shortest link road is via Blackfellows Hand fire trail between Bungleboori and Wolgan Gap. This route is shown on the Access to Newnes page and is recommended for 4WD vehicles only.

Access from the Northern (Wolgan Valley) End:
This involves a 9km (return) walk, so allow at least 3 hours. Starting point is at an unmarked gateway and weir across the Wolgan River (point #1 on the map at the foot of this page), some 6.5km south of the Newnes Kiosk. There is a small roadside sign opposite the start of this track and an information sign on the eastern side of the river. Follow the old road uphill, then follow the railway formation, pass through the tunnel and return via the Pagoda Track and Coach Road.
A brochure with a full description of this walk is sold at the Newnes Kiosk.
See Access to Newnes page for map showing how to get to Newnes.

Access from the Southern (Bungleboori) End:
This involves a drive of 25km by unsealed road northwards, either from the Zig Zag Railway at Clarence or from the State Mine Museum at Lithgow.
See Access to Newnes page for map showing these routes.
There is a walk of 2.5km (return) from a barrier and small parking area at the end of this road (point #13 on the map at the foot of this page) to the tunnel (point #8), or 4km (return) to take in the attractive gorge (points #7 & #6) and cliff formations (point #5) at the northern end. This longer walk is strongly recommended - just see the photos!
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The following map of the walk has been adapted from the brochure that is sold at the Newnes Kiosk. Numbers commence at the northern (Wolgan Valley) end and indicate the preferred direction of travel if starting at that end. A full description of this walk is given in the brochure. If starting from the southern (Bungleboori) end, drive to 13, walk the section 10 to about 5, then retrace your steps back to your vehicle.
The following map is a binary "GIF" file. If it shows as a black blob on your screen, click here for a "PDF" version.
Map of walk
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