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Inside the Capertee cabin There are currently three cabins available at Newnes, with a fourth under construction:
(The photo on the right is the main room inside the "Wolgan" cabin. --->)
  • The "Wolgan" cabin sleeps up to six people, has disabled access and there is also an external barbeque area.
  • The "Capertee" cabin can sleep up to 4 persons and is ideal for a couple or a family with up to two small children.
  • The "Colo" cabin is similar to the "Capertee" cabin, but larger. It can also sleep up to 4 persons.
  • A fourth cabin, the "Wollemi" cabin is currently under construction. It will have three bedrooms and is intended mainly for groups.
  • All cabins have electricity, hot water, shower, septic toilet, kitchen area with fridge, gas stove and microwave oven, flued gas heater, plenty of storage room and views from the front porch.
  • For all accommodation, you will need to bring your own linen and food.
Bookings need to be made in advance. To book, ring (02) 6355-1247, or send email to: newnes[at]
Please note that this business is separate to the kiosk. All enquiries and booking requests should go to the above number, not to the kiosk.
Full details of this accommodation, including rates, can be found at "".
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The main camp-site is located within Wollemi National Park, approximately 1km past (north of) the old Newnes Hotel. There are several other camp-sites nearby, including some east of the Wolgan River.
  • Slow down when crossing the creek into the camping ground. There is a sharp gutter at the gates and the creek crossing has a narrow concrete base marked by white posts.
  • The crossing of the Wolgan River is suitable for 4WD vehicles only. Do not cross it at all when in flood or after heavy rain. If you get stuck, you will have to get yourself out again, as there are no facilities at Newnes for recovering bogged vehicles.
  • There are three pit-toilets; two in the main camping area and one over the river on the way to the oil shale ruins. These are the only public toilet facilities at Newnes.
  • There are several barbeque "rings" in the main camping area and a few more at several other locations. If you wish to have an open fire (subject to any fire restrictions), please use these rings.
  • Currently, there is no charge for camping within Wollemi National Park, but this is expected to change at some future date.
  • Pets are not permitted within Wollemi National Park. If you have a dog, you will have to camp outside of National Park land (see below).
Please leave firearms, chain saws and generators at home; they are not welcome at Newnes and are not allowed anywhere in Wollemi National Park.
Camping on the river flat just before the old Newnes Hotel:
This area is private land belonging to the hotel and a charge now applies for camping here.
  • Fees apply, starting at $25 per car for the first night. (See web-site below for full details.)
  • Fees include the use of the toilets at the hotel. Showers and firewood are available, but at extra charge.
  • Well-behaved dogs are permitted. (As mentioned above, pets are not permitted within Wollemi National Park.)
Further details of the camping area near the hotel can be found at "".
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  • Please ensure that fires are lit in a cleared area, are under the supervision of an adult at all times and are put out WITH WATER before you leave.
  • Firewood is scarce, so do not waste it. It is usually a good idea to bring some wood with you.
  • It is an even better idea to bring a fuel stove of some sort instead of having an open fire.
  • Please be aware that, during summer months, a standing "Total Fire Ban" may be in force within all National Parks.
For full details about the use of fire at Newnes, see Basic Information page.
At ALL times and in ALL areas, please be careful with fire.
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National Parks and Wildlife Service recommend that water from the Wolgan River should always be boiled before drinking, or bring you own. However, the Wolgan is usually drinkable without boiling, provided that you collect it upstream of a small bridge about 200m south of the old Newnes Hotel. Water downstream from this point could be contaminated by efluent from Capertee Creek and from misuse by other campers. If in doubt, boil it first.
Drinking water is available at a sink and standpipe adjacent to the kiosk and your donation for using these facilities would be appreciated.
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Further Accommodation Information:
There is very limited alternative accommodation at Newnes or anywhere else in the Wolgan Valley, other than the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa. This is a top-of-the line, international standard, six-star resort and is priced accordingly.
Please note that access to this resort is restricted to guests and staff and it is NOT open to the general public.
There are many hotels, motels, bed & breakfast and other accommodation in the Lithgow district, although none are in the Wolgan Valley. For a comprehensive list of these places, visit the Lithgow Visitor's Centre web site, or contact them by phone: 1300-760-276.
There is an even bigger range of accommodation in the main tourist areas of the Blue Mountains; Katoomba is about 40 minutes drive east of Lithgow, or about 1½ hours from Newnes.
The following is a list of the nearest places to Newnes, but PLEASE NOTE - all are outside of the Wolgan Valley:
  • Lithgow Tourist & Van Park, Cooerwull Road, Bowenfels. Phone: (02) 6351-4350
    The nearest caravan park. It is off the highway heading into Lithgow and west of Visitors Centre. It has on-site vans & cabins
  • Black Gold Country Cabins, Main Street, Wallerawang. Phone: (02) 6355-7305
    Affordable accommodation, suitable for families & groups
  • The nearest hotels (there are two) are in Main Street, Wallerawang, opposite the railway station.
    Accommodation is cheap, but very limited.
  • Colonial Motor Inn, Great Western Highway, Marrangaroo. Phone: (02) 6352-2471 or 6352-1655
    This is the nearest motel. It is on the highway into Lithgow.
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