Book 2:   Bushwalks at Newnes and along the Wolgan - Capertee Divide, plus regional Climate.

Michael Keats and Brian Fox
Book cover You've done the ruins walk? Ditto the Glow-worm Tunnel walk? Been there, done that? So you now come to Newnes just to laze around in your camp and drink beer? Then this book is for you.

This book goes beyond "the usual" and covers 27 other walks about the Newnes area that you can do. Most are actually in Wollemi National Park, so are in the "beyond" parts of Gardens of Stone.

Both authors are serious bushwalkers and well aquainted with the Newnes area. Most of the walks are described in glorious detail, just as they did the walks themselves and they take you along for the ride. Fully illustrated in colour, with maps included.

So you still prefer to laze about drinking beer? Then read this book at the same time. It's a good read and almost like going there yourself.
Card Cover. A5 format. Full colour. 492pp.   Our Price: - $50.00
ISBN: 9780987054616. c.2012, Keats Holdings Pty. Ltd., Pymble NSW.

The following volumes in this series have also been published and are sold at the kiosk:
Book cover Book 1: (left) Bushwalks in the North West section, including Mugii Murun-ban (Mount Airley - Genowlan) mesas, plus regional Geology and Geomorphology Book cover
Card Cover. A5 format. Full colour. 398pp.   Our Price: - $50.00
ISBN: 9780987054609, 2011. Keats Holdings Pty. Ltd., Pymble NSW.
Book 3: (right) Bushwalks at Donkey Mountain, Carne Creek, South of the Wolgan River and Mount Cameron; plus regional Aboriginal History and Historical Maps.
Card Cover. A5 format. Full colour. 448pp.   Our Price: - $50.00
ISBN: 9780987054623, 2013. Keats Holdings Pty. Ltd., Pymble NSW.

Another five volumes are planned to complete this series as follows:
  • Book 4: Bushwalks in the headwaters of Bungleboori Creek, Wollangambe River, Nayook Creek; plus the regional River Catchments and Water Pollution.
  • Book 5: Bushwalks in the Ben Bullen Ranges plus regional History and Local Place Names.
  • Book 6: Bushwalks in the northern Newnes Plateau, plus regional Flora and Fauna.
  • Book 7: Bushwalks in the southern Newnes Plateau, plus The Last Three Centuries of European Settlement.
  • Book 8: Bushwalks in the headwaters of Deanes Creek, Rocky Creek and Budgery Creek; plus Threatened Species and Environments within the region.

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