Craig Lewis & Cathy Savage
Book cover Fifth and latest edition, now in full colour. 25 Treks around Sydney are described in detail, with photos, maps, etc. and everything else you need to know for an enjoyable 4WD trip.

The book includes the two 4WD routes nearest to Newnes: the Blackfellows Hand to Bungleboori fire-trail (Trek 2) and the Wolgan Gap to Ben Bullen trail via Baal Bone Gap (Trek 21). Varoius side-trips, such as the one to Lost City are also described and, in the case of Lost City, this is the only lot of published directions that we have seen.
Our Price: - $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-921606-13-7, Boiling Billy Publications, Warriewood NSW. 2011. Card cover. B5 format. 272pp.

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