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Recommended Software (all free)
button.png (1069 bytes) XviD codec

XviD is the open source version of "DivX" and is a very high quality MPEG-4 based codec.  It is probably not as easy to use as DivX but it is free and unlimited.  You can download the latest stable release of the XviD codec here:


button.png (1069 bytes) DivX 6 "Create Bundle"

DivX Networks now releases version 6 of its codec as part of a "bundle".  You get a 6 month trial of the DivX 6 Pro codec as well as a 15-day trial of "DivX Converter".  You can download it here:

MacOS versions are available as well:


button.png (1069 bytes) LAME MP3 ACM Codec

The included MP3 codec in Windows is extremely limited in its range of bitrates and settings.  "LAME" is an open source MP3 encoder and this ACM codec version allows you to use much higher MP3 bitrates for the audio in your DivX video.

Click here for a guide on how to install the LAME MP3 ACM Codec.


button.png (1069 bytes) VirtualDub

VirtualDub is one of the best linear video editing programs.  It comes with many useful included plug-ins and there are many more third-party plug-ins on the internet.

VirtualDub can be used to convert your video to DivX AVI with the above two codecs installed.


button.png (1069 bytes) Windows Movie Maker 2

Non-linear editing (NLE) has traditionally not come cheaply.  However, this Microsoft product is quite reasonable and comes at a price that cannot be beaten!

Searching the Microsoft download website yields several add-ons to WMM2 here.

Unfortunately, Microsoft being Microsoft, only allows you to export to WMV format or DV-AVI (Type 1).  To be able to edit further, you will need a VFW DV codec and a DV Type-1 to Type-2 converter (the two below programs).


button.png (1069 bytes) Panasonic VFW DV codec

This handy little codec allows you to open DV-AVI files with VirtualDub.  Very useful!

Click here for a guide on how to install the Panasonic VFW DV codec.


button.png (1069 bytes) DV Type-1 to Type-2 Converter

VirtualDub can't open DV Type-1 AVI files (which is all that Windows Movie Maker 2 will produce) so if you use WMM2, then you will need this little program to convert types first.


button.png (1069 bytes) Bitrate calculator

Just a tiny handy little application to help you calculate what you should set the average video bitrate to.  The settings are preset for the Short Film Competition.



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