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Website opened.  Some early information has been put up.


about this site: is the premiere general video editing / converting / capturing / authoring site on the internet.  In late-2005, a debut short film competition will be started!  We expect this to be BIG so pickup up your miniDV camcorder, churn out those creative juices and start filming!  The closing date of the inaugural competition will probably be at the end of the year so get cracking!

quick links:

button.png (1069 bytes) Download your entry pack (this contains all the info you need to enter the comp!)
button.png (1069 bytes) Quick info: What do I have to do to enter?
button.png (1069 bytes) Quick info: What format video do I need?
button.png (1069 bytes) Guide: How do I convert my video to the required format?
button.png (1069 bytes) Downloads: Get the software here!
button.png (1069 bytes) Terms and conditions
button.png (1069 bytes) Judging criteria and awards


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