How to enter the competition

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How to enter the competition

What you will need

To enter to competition, you will need to do the following things:

  1. Create your short film!
  2. Download the entry pack and fill in the application form
  3. Read the terms and conditions
  4. Send it in!


1. Creating the short film

How you exactly make your short film is up to you, but you will need to encode the film for submission in a specific format (DivX 5/6 or XviD video and MP3 audio).   The exact specifications are in the terms and conditions, and also in the quick info guide here.

I have also included a detailed guide on how to create these files here.


2. Download the entry pack

You can download the entry pack here.

Then entry pack contains a zip file with the application form and a copy of the terms and conditions.  You can open the zip file and extract the contents with a program like "Winzip" that can be downloaded from

The application form is a simple text file that can be opened with any text editor (e.g., with "Notepad" on Windows).

Open up the application for with a text editor and delete and fill in the necessary fields.  Each field is described as either "required" or "optional".  You MUST fill in the required fields or you risk disqualification from the competition.  You don't have to fill in the optional fields but we encourage you to do so.

After you've filled in the application form, don't forget to SAVE the changes!


3. Read the terms and conditions

The entry pack also contains a version of the Terms and Conditions of the Short Film Competition.  Please read through it carefully.

The latest version of the terms and conditions can be read here.


4. Send in your entry!

You can send in your entry electronically.   These instructions are also at the end of the application form and also in the terms and conditions.

To do so, compress your short film and the completed application form into a single ZIP archive.  This can be done with "Winzip",

Then "upload" your ZIP file containing your short film and application for to the following FTP address: [NEED ADDRESS - FIX ME]

Once that is completed, post a message on the Short Film Competition forum [NEED ADDRESS - FIX ME] to announce your entry!


Sending your entry by post is not recommended though an option for those with poor internet access.

To do so, record your short film and the application form along with any additional materials (e.g., additional articles) onto a standard 12-cm CD-R disc as a CD-ROM with a CD burner.

Please ensure that the disc can be read on a standard CD-ROM drive before postage!

Once done, post the CD-ROM to the following address: Short Film Competition
c/o Dr. Michael Tam
PO Box K786
Haymarket,  NSW  1240


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