July, 2006

Detailed below are the procedures I took to convert an old, non-working Apple //e into a not-so-state-of-the-art Apple IIgs. I am still amazed at the quality of the IIgs considering its age (I mean these things came out in 1986!!!). It certainly boasts better sound than what I had in my IBM-style PC in 1995.

You may use these procedures if you are so inclined, or you can have a laugh at why someone would do this. My daughter was the prime reason I put this beast together, as the old //e cases are as kid friendly as a computer can get (ie. they are *real* tough). By the way, she loves it and I am pleased that she has the opportunity to use a computer similar to what I grew up with (I had a //e).

On with the conversion...


First off, the ugly job of hack sawing. This is hard work (or maybe because my hacksaw blade is *really* blunt).
The finished hacksaw job should look something like this. If you're a better sawer than me (which wouldn't be hard), your cuts might actually be straight. ;-)
Drill the holes for mounting screws. Note the hole marked 4 caused a nasty short. I have since removed this screw altogether, however, if you used a plastic mount you would be OK. The hole marked 3 was included to provide support to the board only - there is no hole in the IIgs motherboard here. Only screws in 1 & 2 (you could potentially screw in position 4 using insulating washers - but I haven't tried this yet).
Screw the motherboard mounting brackets in.
I marked the position of the composite and keyboard out plugs and drilled holes for both using a 10mm bit. Mine line up nicely (see if you can do better! :-P)
The finished backplate!
Now to extend the speaker wire.
In my case, I used the character set selector switch wire (I am not sure if all models have this, but any old wire should do). Solder the two wires together and your away! This was really nice as the character set selector has the same jumpers/header on the board.
Make sure your wire solder joints are insulated and plug 'er in!

If you are planning on using the original //e power supply, you will probably need to move your power supply fractionally outwards (towards the side of the case) to accommodate for the IIgs motherboard. This is a little tricky, but not too difficult. I removed the bottom of the power supply and screwed it to the case. Then I screwed the top of the power supply on as usual. I used an old AT power supply plug and a single bullet socket terminal (pictured) for plugging into the motherboard (it fits really well).

If anyone needs more details post a message on csa2 and I'll take some more photos of what I did.


The most important motherboard modification is the addition of the keyboard plug. This is only possible on ROM00 or ROM01 boards (the ROM03 doesn't have the solder points for the //e keyboard). You can either buy the 26 pin IDC header , or salvage one of an old //e motherboard (like I did). With your soldering iron and a toothpick, you can remove the solder from the joints, then insert your header (taking note of the direction of the cutout - from the front of the board the cutout should face to the RHS) and solder it on.





This ends my "//e-->IIgs how I dunnit". Hope someone out there finds it useful.



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