Technology Assessment
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Micro Concepts provides a Technology Assessment service where our experienced engineers review a Technology and report on its feasibility, business risk, cost effectiveness, market potential and competition. The objective of the evaluation is to provide information that will arm the commercial investor and business analyst with an independent assessment of the technology under investigation, to provide the facts that will enable an informed decision when committing capital to a Technology Venture.

Micro Concepts engineers also provide Technology Business assessment. Engineers experienced in the Electronics, Information Technology and Communications Industries will provide an independent evaluate the business core technology and review the companies Technology Strategy / Road Map with an emphasis on return on investment.

If you are considering a large-scale investment in technology or are advising on such investments we suggest you seek multiple opinions. The Senior Executives of the company are well versed in project management and the many stumbling blocks that exist in technology projects. As consultants we can assess the current technology, development process, product quality and market success.