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Welcome to Micro Concepts

Micro Concepts is a company dedicated to realising concepts by novel application of technology to solve real world problems in a cost effective manner.

Micro Concepts supplies contract software development and consulting services in a broad range of applications. Micro Concepts services include all aspects of product development, from specification through to delivery of both hardware and software solutions. We  manage teams of hardware and software engineers applying a broad range of technologies to produce custom-built solutions. We developed products from concept, through specification, design, development, prototype, production and delivery.

Application areas Micro Concepts has successfully delivered solutions:

ICS Cybersecurity hardening using ISO 27001-2, IEC 62443 standards

iPhone Application Development

Train Control Systems

Real-time Web publishing of Train running and signal telemetry information  

Embedded Biomedical Systems

Image Processing Systems

Document Management / Optical Filing Systems

Automated picking systems for warehouse distribution

Power Station Monitoring

Point of Sale applications hardware and software design

Radio Modem Network Applications

Smart Card Technology

CAD Application Software

Language Translators using LEX and YACC

Truck mounted mobile computer vending

Data entry systems

Application of Optical character recognition (OCR/ICR) systems

Hand held terminal design

Hardware controller design

Micro Concepts engineers can provide system analysis, design and development skills, from concept to production. Manage a project, lead a team, design, code and deliver application or system software. Micro Concepts can bring to bear a broad range of experience from a large number of application areas to solve a problem. Micro Concepts has a keen interest in designing cost effective solutions that deliver a return on investment.

For enquiries to Micro Concepts please email sales@microconcepts.com.au