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Our staff has expertise in a wide variety of development environments and tools as well as industries, including medical, government, utilities, retail, and manufacturing.

Micro Concepts developers are skilled at all levels of software development, from Microsoft Office VBA productivity tools to low level multi-threaded inter process communication software in C++.

Some of the products developed by Micro Concept Engineers for customers:

iTalkAussie a fun Australian slang translator for an iPhone.
iDresser a personal wardrobe manager for an iPhone developed for Clare Maxfield.
A Visual SourceSafe utility to manage file versions associated with a Software Build for a large industrial control software project.
A Software Projects database and tools to implement requirements and design traceability to meet ISO 9001, ASA-2167, Mil-Std 498 requirements. Ration Rose case tool interacted with an access requirements database linking software classes, attributes and scenarios to system requirements.
Designed and developed a Train Control System. Provided the application framework, developer utility libraries, inter process

Developed a fault tolerant 24 by 7 Web server using an IIS load balanced Web farm, redundant application and Sql servers. The web farm accepts requests for information, and publishes rail network state information using XML messages. The application servers run a suite of programs that provide a bridge between the proprietary Rail Control Systems and the Web server. Information published to subscribers is queued in MSMQ queues. Information includes train-running information, rail asset status. A map of the rail network can be view via a browser, indicating train-running information and signalling asset status in real time.

Prepared preliminary software hazard analysis, software development plan and project work break down structure for a flow generator that provides therapy to patients with a variety of breathing disorders. Implemented Variable Pressure Positive Air Pressure (VPAP) therapy algorithms developed by scientists into the Flow Generator. Investigated the FDA submission requirements for a Major LOC Medical product and the development implications. Investigated the project implications of applying Fault Mode and Error Analysis techniques.

Resolved problems with the development environment of a biomedical application. Upgraded to the GNU tool chain to 3.2, solved problems with the initialisation of global and static objects. Resolved timing problems with the 1Khz data acquisition (of flow & pressure). Resolved timing accuracy problems with the systems real-time tick. Debugged problems with the application data-logging component. Developed instrumentation tools to monitor the embedded application thread stack and message queue usage. Developed a GDB stub for the SH3 microprocessor which enable the use of GDB with the target applications.

Designed and developed a Paperless Picking system for automating product distribution. A network of PC communication with over 1000 LED displays mounted above product distribution benches throughout the warehouse. Customer orders are received from a mainframe and presented to the picking system in truck route delivery sequence. The order quantities are indicated on the LED displays above the product in the warehouse, stock is picked, shrink-wrapped and dispatched.

Document Optical Filing System. This involved functional specification, database design, project management, and recruitment of personnel permanent and contract, and overall management of the project. The system consisted of batch scan, OCR, data entry, text and image data import, backup/restore, administration and data retrieval sub systems. The system imported and indexed mainframe reports, CD-Rom and DAT tapes containing images and index data. The imported text and images were indexed and stored into a database. The viewing sub-system presented a hierarchical display of the index information with objects displayed in an adjacent window. The hardware consisted of a Windows NT Server controlling a Hewlett & Packard 40st Optical disk jukebox. An optical filing system sub-network connected Scan, OCR, data entry and Data import workstations. A viewing application was installed on user workstations providing a view and retrieve facility for the stored documents. Mainframe data transfers were performed via FTP.

Designed a batch fractal compression system for Passport photographs. The system performs batch fractal compression of 24bit true colour tiff images of passport photographs. The compressed images were transferred via 3270 emulation to mainframe VSAM files. The fractal compression library and hardware compressed 600k true colour images to 3k. This compression ratio made it practical to store what would normally be large colour images on the mainframe and move this information around an Australia wide WAN in a timely manner.

Designed, specified and coded the software component of A Pocket Pager Alarm Interface that monitored 25,000 Alarm points of a Power Station via five PLC Control Systems. Alarm information was displayed on Plant Monitor Workstations located in the Control Center's of the Power station. The system also interfaced to an internal Paging System and broadcast messages to maintenance staff as required. The system was implemented in C++.

Developed a remote order entry application on a handheld terminal communicating via CELLULAR phone to a central computer. Sales representatives used the system to collect and transmit customer orders back to head office. The system implemented an order entry, autodial file transfer facility on a Handheld terminal. 

Developed a language translator for AutoCAD AutoLISP to C, using PCLEX and PCYACC parser development tools. The translator runs on an IBM compatible PC under DOS and contains a supporting Integrated Development Environment as a front end.  This is a multi-windowed text editor facility,  interfacing to the users compiler and the LISP->C translator. Through the IDE the user establishes a project file automatically generating the make script and link response files required to produce an AutoCAD ADS executable program. The IDE was developed in C++ using the Borland Turbo Vision library. This is my own product and is sold through the AutoCAD dealer network.


Technical Skills


Objective C





Java Script

Asp Script

Word, Excel & Access VBA

Visual Basic

SQL2000 Stored Proc

Rational Rose VBA

Common Lisp


GNU Tool Chain



Assembler (SH3, 8048,8051,Z80, H64180, IBM370, Interdata 7/32, 80x86, 68000 )



Windows NT/XP/Win2K Networks

Winsock programming


Lan Manager

TCP/IP Unix Berkley Skts

Network problem diagnosis using network sniffers


Operating Systems


Windows all versions

Unix, Linux



Microsoft SQL Server

Faircom Ctree


Development Tools            


Visual Studio & .Net

Rational Rose

Visual Basic

Visual Interdev

Borland C++

Lex, Yacc, Awk


GNU Tool Chaain

Software Design Methodologies

Object Oriented Design using UML

Data Modelling

Project Management

Microsoft Project.


ISO 9001, ASA-2167, Mil-Std 498