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Welcome to my homepage.

You can view any of my projects listed below and use any software that I have to offer. I have an interest with many programming languages so I may create the occasional program or script. You may have seen me around at one of the forums that relate in some way to my obsession.

Content below is for Windows unless specified to be based on any other. AutoIt3 is a major choice in the language that I use and share. Python code shared is cross platform unless specified other.

My Blogs

Find out what is history, present and future.
Exitcode from Run()
Get the exitcode from the AutoIt3 Run function with the help of User Defined Functions.

My Projects

Make SciTE Collection
Python 3 scripts to download and make SciTE, create api files, create chm files...
Mostly Windows oriented due to use of Windows 3rd party tools like Resource Hacker, WinMerge...
Generate Python 3 Api
Python 3 script that generates calltip files for SciTE and Notepad++.
A Graphical User Interface frontend for executing a command with ComSpec which is usually CMD.
Loop Script
Python 3 script and a CMD script for looping a program at a command terminal.
Python Video Script
Python 3 script to handle routine video tasks such as encoding with FFmpeg.
Au3 Script Database Viewer
Scripts can be added to the database, viewed, saved and removed. Intended to be a tool for an editor though drag and drop will work if compiled to an executable.
Au3 RunTime Check
Checks variables in your au3 script during runtime.
Enhances the context menu for AutoIt3 and can also be used as a menu system for an editor if configured.
Au3 API Updater
Updates the au3 calltips file in SciTE to allow multiline calltips with more information.
Much of CMenu functions that use the SendTo menu instead of using a 3rd party shell extension.
32 bit context menu handler with many features.
Software Deployment
Unattended Windows XP project for installing software with the operating system.

My Scripts

General Scripts
Any kind of script that you may find useful.

Sites To Visit

My Github Homepage
Git repositories and downloads.
AutoIt3 Homepage
AutoIt v3 is a freeware programming language.
AutoIt3 Wiki
Additional info on AutoIt3.
Inno Setup Homepage
Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs.
Python Homepage
Python is a free and open source programming language.
SciTE Homepage
SciTE is a Scintilla based Text Editor.