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Publication Notes
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This page is designed for easy and quick updating by me and fast loading by you. It uses plain and simple HTML and, unlike most fancy web pages these days, it will be cached in your Browser so don't hestitate to use the Back button. Also you wont see that annoying Javascript banner "Creating Hierarchical Menus..." while waiting for a non-caching page to be created on the fly. When 99% of Internet users are on broadband/cable I might consider fancier pages!  Page started 1999.

April 2003: Now using an Apple iMac running Macintosh  OS X - brilliant. No more Windows crashes.

Broken links? There are hundreds of links on this page, some dating back to the 1990s. Unfortunately there seem to be hundreds of reasons why IT departments want to change webpage addresses. My apologies if links no longer work.

Vehicle Safety Conferences