Review of the world's first passive ISA navigator device with a national speed limit database - the Naviga8r M35 with SpeedAlert™ 

The Navig8r M35 with SpeedAlert™ Passive Intelligent Speed Assist. 99% of the time I do NOT need a navigator map. 100% of the time I DO need speed limit information.This little unit displays the speed limit and beeps if you creep over the speed limit by more than 5km/h. It has a SpeedAlert mode where only speed limit information is displayed and no map - reducing distraction. The built-in speed limit database covers most populated areas of Australia. Update: Just tried out an M35 in Canberra, which has confusing speed limits.  It worked very well and saved a lot of stress. Sometimes on sale for about AU$150.

M35 map
M35 with map displayed. Click speed sign to change to SpeedAlert display

M35 in SpeedAlert mode

M35 running in SpeedAlert mode. Click BACK button to return to map


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