David Johnston
BSc MCompSci MTeach
A teacher and student of science, mathematics and computing. Living in Sydney, Australia.
Award: Higher School Certificate.
Subjects: Mathematics (4 Unit), Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, English.
Award: Bachelor of Science.
Minor: Geography.
Majors: Physics, Applied Mathematics.
Award: Master of Computer Science.
Thesis: Programming Language Security.
Award: Master of Teaching.
Methods: Mathematics, Science.
Running, swimming, hiking, cricket, photography, computing, mathematics, science, archaeology, history, travel.
Web Pages
Mac Plus Emulation [July 2003, updated July 2012]
Mac mini Mock Monitor [September 2011]
PC Squealing [April 2007]
SETI Speed Test [April 2004]
Username "dkjme" at all the usual places, but preferably send e-mail to outlook.com.