Our policy and philosophy
Why select us over other real estate agents? Local knowledge, integrity and experience We are ideally located, being local to this area means having the right knowledge and exposure.


We at Janey Realty pride ourselves on honesty. Realistic assessments and frank advice is sometimes not what owners want to hear. In the long run it establishes a good relationship and reputation.


We have been established in the area since 1999, live locally and are part of the community. Most of our sales and rentals are locally situated, which make us ideal to gauge the current market force. In addition, the vast majority of our management is in Lidcombe.


Property management is our primary service. We draw upon our long experience, have knowledge of complicated tenancy regulations and keep continually up to date to law changes. The bulk of agent’s work is collecting rent, chasing rent, repairs, record keeping, increasing rent and finding new tenants. We provide this convenience as well as - where the agent really comes in is - dealing with complicated issues, troublesome tenants, or legal matters.



Our management fees aren’t the cheapest. There is a certain amount of work required per property we look after and we can reasonably only manage so many properties. Our fees are very comparable with the majority of other real estate agents.


Management Fee: 5% (Negotiable) + GST
Lease Fee: 50% of the first week of rental amount + GST
Lease Preparation Fee: $18
Misc Fee of $3.30 per month (Also know as Sundry Fee)
Extra disbursement of rental under owner’s instructions: $3.30
Hardcopy re-printing of old statements, forms, reports, invoice: $3.30 (Only applies if landlord requests additional copies)

CTTT court application: As per cost
Preparation and attendance: $33 per hour

Termination of Management Agreement 30 days
Marketing cost $0
Financial Year statement $0
Levies, Strata, Council and Water payments $0
Annual inspection report $0























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