Help from Government
Australian citizens affected should apply for centerlink, During the next six months the payments made will be doubled up to $1100 per fortnight. Some requirements are being reduced. You may have issues signing up as Centerlink is currently overwhelmed Sole Traders and Business owners, Aus government is providing $1500 per fortnight in subsides to keep workers.

Rent Reductions
Australian gov has advised that landlords and tenants work together, Please write to us via email or via SMS and we will ask the landlords to help reduce rent so that you can continue to stay in the property. We will recommend to landlords to keep all long term good tenants and reduce rents during this crisis period to assist you. If rent reductions are not sufficient consider moving to a lower property with lower rent. We will assist you with this where we can. This may not be possible during a lockdown which will take precedence. Please keep in mind that landlords will have their own circumstances as well.

Rules for getting repairs
We will do our best to get repairs done during this time, tenants that are sick, came recently from overseas, all non urgent repairs are deferred. Tradesman will require all tenants to keep distance away, stay inside rooms while repairs are made, if talking to the tradesman wear a mask, property must be clean and not to approach unnecessarily For emergency repairs please refer to your lease agreement and contact the recommended trades people for repairs.
If you have high fever, breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting and dry cough these are serious symptoms of the virus. Do not goto medical center for treatment as they are not equipped to deal with this. You must contact Coronavirus Help Line on 1800 020 080 for instructions and test location. Level 3 restrictions are now in place, there are limits on people gathering and movement.
If you are elderly, have any underlying medical conditions take extra precautions as there is a higher chance of being hospitalized. We recommend that you wear a face mask outside, wash hands and keep your distance from crowds.


In a lockdown we will be working from Home and trying to process your payments as best as we can. Please contact us via email or by mobile phone or
0417 338813 - Janey
0410 309970 - Stephen

When/If the government orders a shutdown. Please follow the advice of the government and stay inside your home. Police will be enforcing these rules.






















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