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G'Day, and welcome to the Home page of the Paddington Bears, a club based in Sydney dedicated to the play and enjoyment of Advanced Squad Leader.
For those that have never heard about Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), it is a World War 2 simulation wargame based upon squad level infantry tactics. The game is published by The Avalon Hill Game Company in a series of modules.

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Anyway, enough said for those newcomers out there, for those that live and breathe the game, this is yet another ASL site where we hope to present the view from Down Under. The club meets every first Saturday of each month in the upstairs room of the Paddington- Woollahra Returned Servicemen's League (RSL) Club, surrounded by memorablia and 'memorials' to the club's four Victoria Cross winners.

Generally most of our club activity is organized through a Yahoo! Group

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The Club also has a Clan page on Board Game Geek

In recent years we have become broader in our scope, with frequent other board games making an appearance, such as Sword of Rome, Wellington, Flying Colors, Napoleon at Bay and others. Generally speaking we are more interested in the more technical 'wargame' end of the boargame community, rather than the Euro game end, but the odd game of nutmeg trading has taken place from time to time.

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