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Long before the establishment of Christianity in Egypt, Alexandria was famous for her various schools, among which was the "Museum," the greatest philosophical school in the East, containing in its library between two hundred thousand and half a million books and manuscripts. It was a unique centre of a brilliant intellectual life where Egyptian, Greek and Jewish cultures were taught.

As recorded by Saint Jerome, Saint Mark himself founded the School of Alexandria. He established the School for the teaching of Christianity in order to provide it as a firm foundation for the city. In time, the school became very famous; it was the oldest centre of sacred sciences in the history of Christianity. Many prominent bishops from different parts of the world were instructed there, and it introduced into the world many scholars and saints, such as Athenagoras, Clement, Saint Dionysius, Saint Peter the Seal of Martyrs, Saint Didymus the Blind, and the great scholar Origen, who was active in the field of commentary and the comparative study of the Bible.

The metaphorical way of commentary, with its deep spiritual meanings, began in Egypt. Origen composed over 6,000 commentaries of the Bible in addition to his famous Hexapala. The School rivalled the Museum and attracted and converted some of its philosophers who later became church leaders.

Of the many influential leaders of the School of Alexandria, Saint Athanasius was one of the most important Deans of the school. At the first Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Saint Athanasius, at the time, a 20 year old deacon, defended the Orthodox Christian faith from the heresy of Arianism.

Arius was a priest from Libya who denied the Divinity of Christ and taught that the our Lord had been created within time. The council refuted Arius' heresy, affirmed the Nicene, or Athaniasian, Creed of Faith, which is still used in part or in whole by almost all Churches of the East and West, until this day.

Saint Athansius also wrote a series of four books defending the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Chirst, called the Contra Arianus. Saint Athanasius became the Patriarch of Alexandria in 328 AD and remained Pope for 46 years, 17 of which were spent in exile on account of his vigorous opposition to the spreading of Arianism, which had the support of certain emperors.

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.::Saint Athanasius - The Apostolic::.