.::St Mark & St George - Coptic Orthodox Church::.



There are three Coptic orthodox churches in the state of Queensland - Australia. The first of which is the Saint Mina & Saint Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church situated at the heart of the Gold Coast under the care of Fr. Yacoub El Antony.

The Saint Mary & Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church [South Brisbane] under the care of Fr. David Mahrous, and last but not least our beloved Saint Mark & Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church in the North of Brisbane under the care and guidance of Rev Father Moussa El Antony.

The Saint Mark & Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church [North Brisbane] was acquired from the Anglican Church Of Australia, and was recently consecrated by H.G Bishop Daniel from the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney-Australia & affiliated regions.

Our Father Moussa El Antouny, a monk from St Anthony’s monastery in the Red Sea- Egypt, serves a congregation of more than 100 members in the North Side. Also all three priests run a roster, to provide service to many other Copts who settled in different regions of Queensland as Toowomba, Townsville, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Maryborough and North Queensland.

At The Saint Mark & Saint George Church, Rev. Fr Moussa El Antony is the Chairman of the Church Committee Board which consists of a secretary, treasurer and general members. The Church committee overseas the management of various services, activities and projects that address the fundemental requirements of our church and it's congregation.

The church prides itself with its Sunday school service, Deacons, women’s committee group and youth development. Although, the Saint Mark & Saint George Church is fairly new and modest in its resources, but it is running a very successful and balanced spiritual and social program putting the spiritual and social development of its members as its prime goal, through the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy spirit, as driving force to all the servants and volunteer workers.