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As the Church grew in Egypt, it became known as the Church of martyrs. Beginning in the year 202 AD under the reign of Septimus Severus, the church suffered severe repression and persecution, with the influential School of Alexandria forced to close, and its dean, Saint Clement forced to flee. The repression towards Christianity continued under the reign of the Roman Emperor Decus who issued an edict to reesetablish the state pagan religion at any cost. In 257 AD, Emperor Valerian issued edicts to destroy the church, Pope Dionysius was arrested and sent to exile.

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In 302 AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian began what was to be the most severe persecution towards Christians. He dismissed every soldier in the army who refused to worship the Roman gods. Determined to crush Christianity in Egypt, 800,000 men, women, and children were martyred for their belief in Jesus Christ.

In commemoration of these martyrs, the Coptic Church begins its calendar from 284 AD, the year that Emperor Diolcletian became the Emperor. The Coptic calendar is known as the “Year of the Martyrs” (or anno martyrii, AM) with 2004 as the year 1720-1721 AM. Saint Mina is one of those who gave up his life because of his faith.