Descendants of Richard Beilby

First Generation

1. Richard Beilby was born in 1672. He died in 1726.

Hubert Noel Beilby compiled the following notes for Richard Beilby in 1952.

"The main line of the early Beilbys died out in 1715, and so far no connection has been traced between our ancestor Richard born in 1672 and the collaterals of the main line. It is possible that he traces to one of the sons of Richard (1540/1614) and his third wife, by whom he had five sons who were born between 1585 and 1600, but there is no proof of this.

Considerable effort has been made to discover the origin of Richard. The College of Arms has examined all Beilby wills made in Yorkshire and recorded at York, and parish registers at Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby, Collingham and other towns have been searched, all so far without result. The only positive result that has emerged is the record of a marriage between Richard Beilby and Margaret Woolfe in the parish register of Bridlington Priory Church in 1695. From an old document in the writer’s possession (probably written by Thomas Beilby 1747/1826) Margaret is stated to be the daughter of a Bartholomew Johnson, a musician who died at the age of 103; but she may have been a widow when Richard married her.

In the record of births in Bridlington Priory Church are the following:
1698 Margaret, daughter to Richard Beilby
1701 Richard, son
1702 Richard
1703 John
1705 Elizabeth, daughter
Under Burials appear the following:
1699 Margaret, daughter to
1701 Richard, son
1703 John,
1705 Elizabeth, daughter

It therefore appears that of the five births recorded only one, Richard 1702, survived, and no other entries of births or deaths are registered.
In the baptismal records of the Parish church at Scarborough, the following occur:

1706 Williams, son to Richard Beilby
1707 Henry
1708 Joseph
1711 Elizabeth, daughter
1713 Ann

In view of the continuity of the birth dates, and our definite knowledge that our ancestor William was born in 1706 at Scarborough, also the fact that Richard had another son named Richard, it seems highly probable that Old Richard (1672/1726) migrated from Bridlington to Scarborough about 1705/6. The writer is the present custodian of an old album or diary which belonged to old Richard in which he has inscribed his name and the date (August the 24th 1696); the next 10 pages or so have been torn out and any further entries that he may have made have been removed. The album was taken over by his son William (1706/1764). One item of interest in it is a letter of good advice to his children dictated on his death bed and written by his son William. In this letter one of his sons Richard (presumably born in Bridlington in 1702) had asked him if he had anything to say about “: brother Charles”, who was evidently a bad lot, to which the old man replied that “Charles, God knows, has been a sorry wretch.” This Charles does not appear among the Bridlington births, but as three years elapsed between the marriage of Richard and Margaret and the recorded birth of their daughter Margaret, Charles may have been born earlier.

From the entries in the Bridlington records, where old Richard is referred to as “Mr” Richard Beilby, and where his four children are recorded as having been buried “in Ecclesia” (in the church), the Rector of Bridlington considers that he was probably a member of one of the learned professions, or a clerk in Holy Orders."


Richard married (1) Margaret Woolfe daughter of William Woolfe in 1695. Margaret was christened on 27 Dec 1680 in Easington, Durham, England .

They had the following children:

  2 F i Margaret Beilby was born in 1698. She died in 1699.
  3 M ii Richard Beilby was born in 1702. He died in 1702.
  4 M iii John Beilby was born in 1703. He died in 1703.
  5 F iv Elizabeth Beilby was born in 1705. She died in 1705.
+ 6 M v William Beilby was born on 12 Mar 1706. He died in 1765.
  7 M vi Henry Beilby was born in 1707.
  8 M vii Joseph Beilby was born in 1708.
  9 F viii Elizabeth Beilby was born in 1711.
  10 F ix Ann Beilby was born in 1713.

Richard married (2) Unknown Wife (Jenny) [scrapbook] in 1690. The marriage ended in divorce.

This is where the mystery of the preceeding Beilby's start. A number of writings about Richard state:

"Married a second time to Jenny, so named in his dying admonitions to his children unknown but besides William it is certain from his dying admonitions that he had two other sons Richard and Charles and a daughter, Nancy or Naney.

How do you link Richard to the ealier Beilby's?  The generatino of Beilby's that followed after Richard used the ealier Beilby's coat of arms. If there was not a direct birth linkage then the decendents of Richard could not use this coat of arms, te rules of he rules of Heraldry dictate this. It is virtually inconceivable that the decedents of Richard would have broken these. 

If ANYONE has any ideas as to this please contact me as this question has never been solved and it would be appreciated by so many. My own theory is that Richard and William are one and the same person. This theory can be found at the following link: ../../Beilby-history/MissingB/missing_beilby_puzzle_solved.htm

Richard and Unknown had the following children:

  11 M x Richard Beilby.
  12 M xi Charles Beilby was born in 1690.
  13 F xii Nancy Beilby.

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