The Beilby Family 
1192 to the Present

 Beilby coat of Arms




A goblet with a past

Whitehaven's Slave Trade Goblet

William Beilby was commissioned to craft a goblet in 1763. This  Beilby Goblet was made in Newcastle on Tyne . It carries the Royal coat of arms of King George 3rd and on the other side a hand painting of a sailing ship and the words "Success to the African Trade of Whitehaven". The goblet had been made to commemorate the 1763 launch of the slave ship 'King George'. This goblet has an interesting history that may be read about at

Beilby Genealogy

1672 to Present

The known family tree of the Beilby family,  including a collection of photographs, documents, and descriptions of known individuals etc.

The Original Hubert Noel Beilby Genealogical Study

The Christopher Beilby (1845-1908) Journal


Early Beilby Genealogy 

1454 to 1684

The Missing (Beilby) Link? 

A possible solution to what happened to William Beilby the 3rd?

Describes the Beilby family. The myth's, the stories told late at night, and the known  facts.

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Record Price for Goblet

The Rolls Royce of the 18th century is a double series opaque twist, exquisitely enamelled around the rim with fruiting vines. This glass was made by the Newcastle-based Beilby family. Last summer a Beilby glass smashed all records and sold for 95,000 (the Whitehaven Goblet). This example would set you back 2,900.