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The next meeting of the National Association for Self Represented Litigants (in formation) will be held at to be announced on to be announced. You are requested to ring first on 8214 8397 and advise that you intend to attend.
If you are currently a self represented litigant with an action in any court or are a potential litigant with a proposed claim or a current represented litigant in any jurisdiction or a legal professional you are welcome to attend.

PLA - Plaintiff Litigants' Association (formerly SLA, Self Litigants' Association)
an association with consultative panel which meets to assist plaintiff
 litigant members, with case preparation and assistance in Sydney. More a
 group for the determined and reasonably competent person who chooses to
 forego the expenses of a solicitor. "Not for the bears, the bores or the

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Why a Self Litigants' Association?

About Panels and Cells

Books and Games to borrow from PLA


Paper: The Unrepresented Litigant

Paper: The Unrepresented Party

Paper: The Litigant in Person

Summary: First Steps

Litigants in Person in the Federal Court

Representation and Participation

Further Details 8214 8397 Sydney

>Litigants in Person in the Federal Court

>Representation and Participation

Further Details 8214 8397 Sydney