Early comments received to orgasmianity.org

I found your post in CL and am very interested and would like to join.

Looking to please

where is this being held. will be interested. email me.

sounds fantastic and just what I need

this sounds like a great idea

I would like to join...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog


I just love this idea, it seems so natural.

love to help others in reaching orgasm and here to help willingly

how does this work? hey there i just read your add, and the link you sent pretty interesting! personally i think the concept of making a religion based on the physical act orgasm is quite bizarre, but who am i to judge? you don’t really say much about your self what are you looking for here?

I read your site with great interest. I have never considered myself religious, by any measure. But I have been addicted to orgasms since I was 15. I am now a 32 year old woman living in Sydney. For me, cumming is the ultimate expression of life and making men cum is another sign of lifes beauty. I am married, but I also sleep with many men, as often as I can. Maybe I am not a wicked slut, just a woman who knows what life really means in the moment of intense bliss. Maybe I am a wicked slut? Last night I spent time with 3 men all at once in a motel suite on George St. At the end of it I was covered in cum and had orgasmed at least 10 times.Is your religion right for me? How do you worship? What sort of people attend? I want to know more, but am a little unsure about the sincerity of all of this? Hope to hear from you soon. S.

Curious, will check it out

This looks pretty cool, just signing up for now and i'll read it in the morning when im properly awake, But this certainly makes more sense than a god that killed more than the supposed ultimate evil :) peace and love. More comments in later email

I am extremely advanced sexually, and have to date been given the tag "the best" (oral wise) however I have grown tired of the level of sexuality among my peers and would like to go down this road and see where it takes me :) I look forward to attending soon, just trying to find a female friend to bring along, not as easy as it seems, girls have a tendency to want to date me exclusively and when friendship is mentioned, they tend to lose interest. So it will be good to meet some new, laid back people :)

I would love to know more about orgasmianity as I am a very giving man in that respect and would like more information please.

sounds great love to join

How long has this form of ideology been around for......what are yours an its true goals?

Hi there, I am a Christian man and I'm actually a deacon in my church. I have read what you wrote and its very surprising - I hadn't thought about the way that you positioned some of what you mentioned. I am very interested to learn more about your philosophy. I am a practising Christian and please forgive me if I am a little sceptical but I would like to learn more about this idea. Do you have a group or person in Melbourne I can liaise with? I am originally from Newcastle and if you don't I can try to organize to meet with someone the next time I am up there - its not far from Sydney. I will re-read your website over the next couple of days to try and understand what is here. Thank you for bringing this new perspective to my mind and God Bless. My Kindest Regards,

I would suggest for your in depth exegesis and study of the references the use of http://bible.cc which is an excellent site giving many parallel translations all in one site.
Making love is an act of worship and to this end we were born, exist and are designed to love God who is both the God/dess of love as God is both male and female and maybe more. Jesus preached the gospel of love and I don't think he meant just making cups of tea for others at after church socials but with all that is within us as we are designed with one another, not one other.
We are to be not unequally yoked with unbelievers but with those of the faith who are believers and happy to show love in deed not just word with those with whom the spirit makes us mutually responsive to worship God who is Love as we are made and designed to do in orgasms which are heavenly praise of the spirit.
The website has a view of sex which is very removed from the current day as in times long gone in some quarters intercourse and making love, all of course God's design, was seen as worship and this has been lost. In fact sex has come to be seen as something untoward or somewhat impure yet it is how we are created for worship between man and woman and is a holy sacrament of love between believers, who at this stage as far as Orgasmianity goes are a bit thin on the ground.
Jesus' message that love and orgasms should not be subject to contract was a bit of a threat to the authorities and he developed quite a following as a teacher and Messiah with a message which was a solution to the law and to expensive levels of sacrifice. That is that love, giving and receiving with those of the one true faith, is the answer to the law and covers a multitude of sins.

Am curious ... tell me more

I'm in! Send the hot chicks this way and I will assist them in their ascension to higher states of orgasmic consciousness.

love to pleasure and love orgasm

I have indian background and i have these beliefs inside me. growing up as a typical aussie guy it was hard to share my thoughts. i'm looking forward to meeting ya'll and learning more and releasing suppressed energy with people who understand the power sex and love.

IV taken a few tantra classes befor and it was alot of fun, and I love to please

Would like to learn more about your group

luv the sound of this group, how do we meet

looking forward to looking into this orgamianity further.

I will like to join this site this is my first time of coming across this site


interested to know more

Please allow me to join the local fold of Orgasmianity .. this is a doctrine of joy and love that I have been teaching on my own in isolation for 15 years whilst I lived away in another more oppressed part of the world. It has bought joy and freedom to all I have connected with. Today having been back in my home town not even one month I have found here the most succinct and perfect written expression of that which I have believed and been sharing as a lone disciple in the wilderness. I cannot wait to meet my fellow lovers of the true spirit of the universe. May the God of the Universe bless our holy truth. xoxox

i would love to join your group, thank you

Can you please tell me more? I'm very interested in learning more about this new religion and how it can change peoples views towards orgasms and life is general.

what is this?

Hello, you have certainly got my attention! I have felt that most organised religions have lost the plot somewhere along the way, and as such have not been able to commit however have never heard of Orgasmianity. Would love to learn more!

Interested in meeting like minded people in Sydney, thanks.

Am I too old to experience your religion

Sounds very intereting to both of us, we enjoy sharing our love around and would like to join others that have similar interests.

interested in joining your religion

i am interested to know more about your organisation and I am keen to join you for this experience. look forward to hearing from you.

i yearn to be tought

Hi - where can I get more information. Is this legitimate ?

I'm really interested in your group and would like to get the opportunity to join in the experience.

Just want to join the list. Seems interesting

I live on the Hawkesbury River, and am obsessed with the idea of your religion. How do you practice it would be my only question?

How do I know for sure if this is right for me

Sounds great


I would love to become involved and find out more, and especially attend a gathering.

Hi, I love the journey that leads to orgasms and love giving and receiving them. I live alone in a nice guest house so free accommodation is available for female travellers whould like to enjoy.

I am very interested in your new religion & would like to know more. I am moving to sydney in the new year. Could you pls provide more details. Hope to cu all soon.

I am spiritual, passionate and curious. Lover of orgasms and pleasing women. i would prefer to meet with Orgasmian, the godess of orgasms. Kind regards, your humble orgasm servant

very interested!

Sharing is caring and I like to care very much...

am very interested in this and where it could take me

I want to learn more

Hi, I am very interested in human sexuality. Would like to know further.

Hi I would like to find out more and see how I can help and be helped

I love giving/receiving oral

Is there any cost involved??

I am interested in how you spread the message of Orgasmianity & to meet some of your followers.

i am intrigued and would love to learn more

Hi,very interested in learning more about your beilefes as they echo my personality and thoughts perfectly.

hi I am really excited and happy to find a group who thinks like me

What a beautiful concept, i'm so glad that someone has recognized the orgasm as the ultimate manifestation of the beauty of creation. please let me join

Enhancing orgasmic experiences and ensuring that women (Goddesses) are truly worshipped for their beauty & exercise relief and ensure that the fruits of a male orgasm are truly savoured & well utilised

how to please my wife better

i want to come to events

can you till me in plain language what member will be doing?

love to join and find out about your group

Hi everyone, hope to meet soon.

Sounds wonderful- Looking forward to giving and receiving and learning more about what you are all about.

To clarify: Orgasma is the Goddess of love, (incl. orgasms) and of the Universe, being a name for the female essence of God, God is not just male alone and orgasms are Her/His creation. Orgasmian is Her prophet, not a prophetess.

Joining is free and involvement is priceless.

On the new dispensation of the Spiritual Orgasm, now rolling out for believers coming together and for evaginalization work.

Order of Mary Magdala, akaMary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene Within My New Fave Book From: Carol K

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Mary Magdalene Within My New Fave Book

Posted by: "Carol K" shamanreikiwoman@yahoo.com   shamanreikiwoman

Tue Mar 6, 2012 12:39 am (PST)

I wanted to share my latest Facebook post with those who are not on Facebook, or if you are, are not counted among my "friends" there:
"The Mary Magdalene Within", by Joan Norton, is my new favorite book right now, rivaled only by Dolores Pevehouse's "I, The Christ." This is a channeled writing, discussing the message of Rav Yeshu ben-David through the eyes of his wife and favorite companion, Miriam Magdal-eder. One part that I found very interesting, was her words on how there were other teachers, like Jesus, who were teachin...g of a Kingdom far different than that being taught by the Temple Priests...one where one sex did not rule over the other, but rather, engaged in an equal partnership...the literal and spiritual bond of Heaven and Earth.

It is a beautiful, astonishing book, discussing the tantric qualities of their relationship, and how it worked into their shared ministry. Now, when I say trantric, I am not talking about the crass form generally practiced here in the West. Tantra for the sake of physical release through sex. Rather, I speak of Tantra in the truest, purest sense of the word. Yes, men and women do enjoy each other's bodies, but it moves the bodies into a more spiritual sexuality--not simply physical, but also SPIRITUAL orgasm. There is a certain joy, a surrender of one's self, that is experienced in moments of spiritual truth, whether during meditation or worship, that resembles the physical release experienced in sexual orgasm...but is far more pleasurable, and enduring, than the physical orgasm people generally experience.

What I have experienced with the one sexual partner I have had, goes beyond the physical orgasm. There is such an outpouring of love and surrender--something that is felt in both the earthly and heavenly realms. It vibrates and emanates far beyond the bodies, the bed, the room that we share in those moments. The energy that is released has a positive, healing affect on the entire world. It took me some time to realize this, for I had never known such love, intimacy, and surrender with any other...THIS is true Tantra. I intend to fully embody this Tantra in my own life. And while the partner I currently share this experience with will eventually give way to another partner (or other partners), I will be eternally grateful for his being my first teacher in this. And I look forward to being able to teach others this Sacred Sexuality. This book that I am reading, is going to be my starting point in delving deeper into Tantra as a healing source, and I will
definitely use it to teach others, as I myself, learn more through *study* and experience.
I believe that Rav Yeshu was Messiah in the Jewish sense of the word, but so was Mary Magdalene, for they represented that balance between the Father AND the Mother.  I recalled my conversations with Sharon (for Temple of Sophia) that in fact, it was a woman who was the true Savior/Messiah.  But I would like to make a slight alteration to that statement, if I may Sharon.  There was an idea put forth in the book (which I mentioned at the beginning of this post), which stated that there were multiple teachers engaged in spreading the Light, just as Rav Yeshu and Miriam Magdal-eder were doing.  While in these channeled writings, she did not specifically say that there were male AND female teachers, her reference to her own and Yeshu's balanced teachings pointed to this possibility--neither admitted or refuted, perhaps I should say.  I believe that there are many Messianic/Savior figures which have often existed simultaneously in the world, such as
Buddha and Krishna, Kwan Yin and Miriam Magdel-eder, Yeshu, and the one Sharon refers to as Issa, the priestess of Isis, whom, according to her own meditations and conversations with the Sophia, was in fact, the true Messiah, not Yeshu.  I believe that the stories of Issa and Yeshu were most likely merged, for their teachings were quite similar, and both stirred the anger of the male priests and Roman authorities around them...and both were crucified.  However, I am having difficulty in believing that one was greater than the other--perhaps it would be better to say that they were spiritual equals.  And Sharon, do forgive me for saying this, but I will have to disagree with your seeming animosity towards Mary Magdalene, as one who's faith wavered between her Goddess and her husband, Rav Yeshu.  I do not sense that at all about her, the few times I have directly encountered her in my own meditations, and in my poetry.
The reason that the Matriarchal system had failed, and was usurped by Patriarchy so easily, was due to the fact that the Matriarchal system was suffering from the same corruption that our current Patriarchal system suffers from.  Just as now, one side lorded over the other, making the others slaves, no better than animals.  The patriarchal system was created to redress this, but unfortunately, they ended up becoming the very thing that they hated.  There was fault on both sides.  Books like "Judith Christ" only seek to widen that rift, in my opinion.

--Talame Sophia

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