Grade Grabber 2.2 by Hedge

Latest Version - 2.2.110: Another Small update, more shortcuts:
F3 - rename tab, Ctrl 1 -> 4 - select grading system.

Ever wanted an easier way to calculate and keep track of your current High School/ Uni/ Tafe results?
Grade Grabber is a small program that calculates your overall subject scores, taking into account the weighting of each peice of work.

Features Include:
Can calculate scores and give a grade in either the High School grading system (A,B,C etc), the University grading system (HD, D, Credit etc.), or in a Pass/ Fail system as used in TAFE (the college system in South Australia).
NEW in 2.1: Custom Grading Systems.
Don't live in South Australia? Use different scoring methods in your school/ uni? Now you can use your grading system in Grade Grabber simply and easily, just be modifying a few entries in graderanges.txt, which is in your install directory. Look at that file for a short tutorial on how to create your own Grading System.
-> Allows for managing multiple subject result sets in one window through the use of tabs.
-> Subject results can be saved, opened and added to at a later time.
-> Results can be saved as a text file, which can then be printed out through a text file viewer.
Grade Grabber Preview

Last updated: 15/12/2005
If you find any bugs, email me at: metalforce(at)
Grade grabber is completely free, and includes no spyware or adware.
Grade Grabber requires the Visual Basic 6 runtimes, get them HERE.
Download Grade Grabber HERE.

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