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Why consult a psychologist?
In addition to providing vital assistance in dealing with mental health problems such as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, psychologists can also offer significant assistance in coping with everyday problems such as stress, relationship troubles and grief. In these situations, psychologists can help you to address your concerns and equip you with the skills to help prevent problems and simply enjoy life more. Also, due to recent changes, individuals referred to a psychologist by their GP are eligible for assistance from Medicare in payment of fees

Will my health insurance cover the costs of my appointments?
Some consultations may be partially covered by some health funds if you have extras cover. If you are unsure about whether your health cover does include a rebate for psychological services, please contact your insurance provider. If you wish to take advantage of the new Medicare scheme, a rebate is available to you if you have been referred by a doctor or psychiatrist. You will need to see your GP prior to making an appointment.

How many appointments will I need?
The number of sessions required will vary according to the individual. Whilst 4-10 sessions is reasonably standard, some individuals may only require one or two sessions where others may benefit from ongoing assistance.

How long will my the sessions last?
Each session will generally last for about one hour, including administration time. In some instances, particularly where the completion of psychometric tests is required, it may be necessary to schedule a longer appointment. In such cases, this will be discussed with you when making the appointment.

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