Title: Completion
Author: Mahlia Belonn
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: the boys don't belong to me, I am just letting them play for a while.
Warning: if you don't like the idea of two men loving each other, or are under age, then hit Del now.
Series: third story, consisting of two parts that are a companion to Longing and Confusion.
Notes: This story is actually two stories, told from two different point of views. Both parts tell the same story but from their own point of view. There is some angst, and a lot of SAP.
Summary: Set 16 months after the events in confusion. Part one is from Face's POV, and part two is from Murdock's POV.
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By Mahlia Belonn

Part 2-Murdock

It is one year today. One year since Face made me the happiest man in the entire universe. It is this day that he finally admitted that he loved me. Of course if it wasn't for Hannibal and myself, he might never have gotten around to it at all.

About four months before "the" day, I noticed that Face was feeling a bit down. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong, but I could see how unhappy he was. He denied that there was anything wrong, but I knew there was. I love him so much and it hurt to see him in such obvious emotional pain. I vowed to keep an eye on him and to try and find out what was wrong so that I could try and fix it for him. It was hard to do because he was trying to avoid me. After a couple of months I noticed that he wasn't dating any more and I became even more concerned. His depression seemed to be a physical force. I longed to hold him tight telling him that I loved him and that everything would be all right. It was so hard to hold myself back. The more I watched him, the more I felt a tiny kernel of hope blossom in my heart. He appeared to be struggling with feelings for me, but even so, I wasn't sure enough to confront him just yet.

Eventually Hannibal confronted Face about his depression, but he denied it again. This was when I knew I had to do something. I had to make him admit his problem. I spoke to Hannibal and explained a few things to him. It was important to me that he could accept the fact that I loved Face. I needed his approval, as he was important to me. Between us we came up with a plan. All we had to do was find the right time.

The plan was a simple one. Hannibal locked us both in a storeroom and we weren't allowed out until it was sorted. Face immediately huddled in the corner and refused to talk to me. The fear pouring off of him was so thick. I tried to talk to him, but he wasn't responding at all. I even told him that I loved him, but there was still no response. As time passed I started to get more desperate. I was terrified that it was too late and also starting to doubt that he loved me the way that I wanted him to. I was starting to believe that I had ruined everything. I had never seen Face so broken... even in Nam. It was tearing me apart seeing him like that, especially as I had caused it! I couldn't bear standing back and watching any more, so I gathered him in my arms and hugged him hard. From the moment my arms closed around him I felt him tremble and then he was crying in my arms. This was the final straw for all of my hopes. All I have ever wanted is for him to be happy, but he was falling apart before my eyes. I had no one to blame but myself. I still thought that he loved me, but obviously the thought was so repulsive to him that he had finally cracked. I felt the last of my hopes shatter and was barely holding back my own tears. Even though I knew it wasn't possible, I had to ask one question.
"Is loving me really that bad?" I didn't really expect an answer, so almost missed it.
"Then why couldn't you admit it?" I had to know his reasoning.
"I didn't want to lose your friendship." He didn't know how much I loved him.
"That will never happen." I was confident when I stated that. Now that I realized he didn't find the idea repulsive, but was just scared, my hopes had been renewed. I could almost feel the joy bubbling out of me.
"How can you be sure?" He was still unsure.
"Because I love you too." I said it full of confidence, as I knew that any hesitation would be picked up and feed his doubts. I needed him to be sure of me. When he finally looked up at me, I made sure that none of what I was feeling was hidden. I could see his eyes lighten as he realized I was telling the truth.
"How could I have been so blind?" He whispered before leaning forward to kiss me.

The moment our lips joined, I was in heaven. It felt so right. I haven't felt so sane in a very long time. I already knew that he was my soul mate and this just confirmed it. I felt so complete, and this was just from a kiss! Imagine what it would be like when we did more.

When we broke apart, we just stared at each other. Even with red, puffy eyes and tear tracks down his face, he was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I fell in love all over again. The emotional stresses finally caught up with him, and I could feel him getting tired. It was time to get him out of here so that he could sleep. I quickly rapped out the prearranged knock and soon Hannibal unlocked the door. I could see his curiosity and also his worry for Face. He loved the Lieutenant as a son and hated seeing him so hurt.
"I trust everything is sorted out now."
"Yes Colonel, but Face needs some sleep now." I knew that he could see just how exhausted Face was.
"Right. Are congratulations in order?" That's the Colonel... subtle as a bomb blast! Face went a delicious shade of red, so I hugged him tighter and nodded rather hard. I was so happy.
"Great... I just love it when a plan comes together." Face groaned and I just sighed internally. He just *had* to say it!

Face fell into a deep sleep very quickly and I held him tightly and just watched him while he slept. He was so beautiful and he was all mine! I couldn't get enough of him. It was great to be able to look at him openly. Before I always had to do it without anyone else noticing. Eventually I fell asleep also.

We didn't take the next step for another week. Face was still very skittish, so we spent the time talking and holding onto each other. It was wonderful because we were together. When we did take the next step, it was so perfect. We were truly one afterwards. I couldn't help but cry after we made love as I was so happy. Face was also crying, but this time it wasn't sadness.

We moved in together with everyone's blessings. Dr Richter was happy for us because of the effect our relationship had on my stability. Ever since we have been together, I have been *me*. Occasionally I have lapsed, but basically our love has given me the strength to overcome the others hiding in my psyche. It is so strong and pure, that I fight to stay *me* so I can enjoy every moment. I now only need occasional outpatient treatment at the VA. BA is happy because I don't bug him anywhere near as much. I still call him Mudsucker though... can't help it. Hannibal is just glad to see us both so happy.

I spend a lot of time showing Face that I love him. He had a lot of hardship when he was growing up and missed out on a lot that most of us take for granted. I make sure that he gets that. Just simple things, like a relaxing bubble bath, cuddles, nice home cooked meals and lots of pampering. It has been wonderful to watch the real Templeton Peck emerge from behind the fašade, growing stronger and more confident with every day. He is more beautiful to me every day. We haven't been free of problems though. We have had some huge arguments, but our love always wins out. Sometimes I think Face deliberately starts fights just for the make-up sex. It can be very intense.

This year has been wonderful. I am really looking forward to the rest of my life with him. As a child I always dreamed of finding my one true love. Of course then I pictured a female, but I wouldn't trade Temp for anything! I know that I am so lucky. So many people never meet their soul mate, but I have found mine, and I am never letting go. I have a wonderful evening of pampering planned for tonight to celebrate... and some great sex of course. I can't wait for him to get home. I love him more every day and I am so grateful for this chance. Love you Facey!

The End
18th March 2001

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