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Lotto Magic is Lottery Syndicate Management Software,  with Full Featured Lottery Software
for most lotteries including Powerball,  KENO, English Soccer Pools ! 
and even Horse Racing !!!  ( Box Trifectas ! )  Be your own lottery syndicate boss !  
Take control of your own office,  club or family lottery syndicate !

Main Screen

Open Campaign

Edit Campaign

mainscreen25%.gif (7586 bytes)

opencampaign25%.gif (6835 bytes)

editcampaign25%.gif (7220 bytes)

Edit Lottery

Edit Player

Edit Syndicate

editlottery25%.gif (7649 bytes)

editplayer25%.gif (6978 bytes)

editsyndicate25%.gif (7332 bytes)


Ticket Winnings

Ticket Coupon

ticket25%.gif (8636 bytes) winnings25%.gif (11422 bytes) viewcoupon25%.gif (6804 bytes)
Cost, Prize & Win Tables Ticket Wheeling Draw Data
tables25%.gif (8021 bytes) wheelform25%.gif (7584 bytes) drawdata25%.gif (8576 bytes)
Soccer Pools Ticket Filter Horse Race Ticket Filter Virtual Winnings Check
poolsfilter25%.gif (8593 bytes) racefilter25%.gif (9126 bytes) virtualwinnings25%.gif (9337 bytes)
Syndicate Accounts Edit Syndicate Account Syndicate Ticket Allocation
accountsummary25%.gif (6864 bytes) editaccount25%.gif (7800 bytes) ticketallocation25%.gif (7001 bytes)

More Thumbs to be added !   There are many more screens than on display here !

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