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Lotto Magic Supports Most Lottery Games,  Soccer Pools  and even  Horse Racing !!!


Horse Racing Filter Released !!!   Wins Melbourne CUP Paid $2665.20                               Click here to view system     Check out the demo Race Lotto Campaign

  English Soccer Pools Filter has arrived !


WHAT IS LOTTO MAGIC ?    Quick Step Tutorial

Lotto Magic is Lottery Syndicate Management Software,  with Full Featured Lottery Software for most lotteries including Powerball,  KENO, English Soccer Pools !  and even Horse Racing !!! ( Box Trifectas ! )  Be your own lottery syndicate boss !  Take control of your own office,  club or family lottery syndicate !


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What is Lotto Magic ?   Lottery Software with Syndicate Management functionality adaptable to most lottery games.

What does Lotto Magic do ?  Manages syndicate member accounts, Generates ticket numbers, Applies number filtering strategy, Checks winnings with profit/loss reporting, Checks ticket performance against past draws with profit / loss reporting, Prints on coupons & Much More !!!

So why Lotto Magic ?  Lotto Magic has some unique features that set it aside from just about any other product on the market. Some of these features include, lottery syndicate account management, generic ticket wheeling functionality - arguably the most powerful of its kind, full profit / loss reporting capability again not seen in other products, generic coupon printing ability, ticket filtering capability not seen in other software that produces real results and more! 

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