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Chart positions for Anthony and Casey | BACK |
22 December 2004

Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea has debuted this week in the national Aria charts singles charts at number one with his version of "The Prayer". The popular track sold close to 30,000 on its first weekend of release. As the CD was not embargoed, stores were able to sell the single before its official release date on Sunday 19 December. The release beat tracks by Gwen Stefani, Destiny's Child, Idol contestants Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets and Idol winner Casey Donovan to the top spot and has shipped platinum status. Record executives are also predicting an exceptional response to Anthony Callea's debut album which he is currently recording in Sydney which will be release in February.

Meanwhile, Casey Donovan's album "For You" debuted at number two on the official Aria album charts in it first week of release. With strong competition from Robbie Williams, Pearl Jam, Delta Goodrem, U2 and Eminem, sales figures for the Idol winner was below expectation with less than 35,000 copies sold, even though the album has been certified three times platinum for units shipped to retail stores.

Guy Sebastian's debut album 'Just As I Am' sold more than 160,000 units in its first week, while Shannon Noll's 'That's What I'm Talking About' sold over 131,000 in its first week.


Anthony ousts Casey | BACK |
22 December 2004

Anthony ousts Casey
December 21, 2004

Rival Anthony Callea has knocked Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan from the top of the singles charts, while her debut album has failed to reach number one.

After two weeks with the highest selling single in the country, Donovan's Listen With Your Heart has been outsold by Idol runner-up Callea's cover of The Prayer.

At the same time, first week sales of Donovan's album, For You, puts it at number two on the Australian albums chart, failing to displace Robbie Williams at number one.

She's fallen short of the success shared by series one winner Guy Sebastian and contestants Shannon Noll and Paulini, whose debut albums all entered the chart at number one.

In other chart news, Numb/Encore by Linkin Park and Jay-Z has debuted on the Australian singles chart at number eight, one place ahead of the other new entrant, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

On the albums chart, Pearl Jam's Rearviewmirror moves up from five to three, while Mistaken Identity by Delta Goodrem drops from number two to four.

Australian singles chart

1(-) The Prayer - Anthony Callea (SBME)
2(1) Listen With Your Heart - Casey Donovan (SBME)
3(2) What You Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani (INR/UMA)
4(3) These Kids - Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets (DD/MGM)
5(4) Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child (COL/SBME)
6(5) Just Lose It - Eminem (INR/UMA)
7(6) Tilt Ya Head Back - Nelly Feat. Christina Aguilera (UMA)
8(-) Numb / Encore - Linkin Park (WARNER)
9(-) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day (WARNER)
10(7) Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan (EW/WAR)

Australian albums chart

1(1) Greatest Hits - Robbie Williams (CAP/EMI)
2(-) For You - Casey Donovan (SBME)
3(5) Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam (EPI/SBME)
4(2) Mistaken Identity - Delta Goodrem (EPI/SBME)
5(3) How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2 (isl/uma)
6(4) Encore - Eminem (INR/UMA)
7(6) Songs About Jane - Maroon 5 (RCA/SBME)
8(9) The Sound Of White - Missy Higgins (ELEV/EMI)
9(8) Get Born - Jet (CAP/EMI)
10(10) American Idiot - Green Day (WARNER)



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Casey won't diet for anyone | BACK |
22 December 2004

Casey won't diet for anyone
By Paul Stewart
December 19, 2004

AUSTRALIAN Idol winner Casey Donovan has rejected advice that she should diet and give up her packet-a-day smoking habit.

Donovan, 16, said she would be sticking to her vegetable-free eating vice and cigarettes because she has been stressed since winning the talent quest.

"It is a bad habit and I would like to stop, but at the moment I smoke a lot due to all the stress," she said.

The singer, who once admitted eating Cherry Ripes for breakfast, said she was happy with her shape and image.

"I would not respond at all if someone asked me to change my diet to suit my new pop star role. People voted for me for who I am, so I do not see why I should change," she said.

"People saw me when they voted for me. They knew what they were getting."

Casey, who was in Melbourne to promote her debut album, For You, said: "I do not like vegetables that much, so I do not eat a lot of them.

"I like to eat a lot of fish and things like prawns, calamari and crayfish.

"I also enjoy eating meat, and no, I am not a vegetarian. Far from it.

"Being so busy at the moment, I also make an effort to drink lots of water."

Donovan said she had an hour's break every evening because of the constant demands placed on her.

After a few days off over Christmas, she will be back to work promoting her album.

Early next year, she will join other Idol finalists for a national tour.

"I am looking forward to seeing everyone again because we vibe each other up," she said. "We really got along well, despite people thinking it's different once cameras are off."

Sunday Herald Sun


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Casey Donovan, For You | BACK |
22 December 2004

Casey Donovan, For You
By Bernard Zuel
December 18, 2004


Approaching this album is a case of don't worry about the quality, feel the width. What could possibly stop this album entering the chart at No. 1 on Monday?

In what universe would one of the highest-rating shows of the year not produce substantial sales for the first album by the winner of that golden karaoke competition? The Australian Idol winner with the "troubled upbringing", the "tortured soul" who is "showing that anyone can make it".

Sure, she may not sell as many copies in her first week, or even first year, as Guy Sebastian did last year but Casey Donovan's album has been walking out the doors of stores all week, bought by people who have absolutely no idea what kind of music is in it (they've heard one song), and frankly don't care. They're buying it for her, for its connection with the show and for her connection to them built up over the show's run.

The bland songs are a mix of Tina Arena and Evanescence - either mawkish but "inspiring" ballads or slow-verse/booming-chorus rock songs. They're sung competently but give you no sense of who this singer is (not surprisingly as the songs were there for whoever won).

In truth, the album's title says it all: her turn may come if a second album happens. But for the moment, this is for you, not for her.


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Shy Casey left behind | BACK |
22 December 2004

Shy Casey left behind
From The Eye
December 15, 2004

BEFORE Australian Idol, Casey Donovan used to walk around her school with her head down, with no confidence.

It's been nearly a month since the 16-year-old won Idol and the old Casey is nowhere to been seen.

Talking to The Eye yesterday, Donovan was much more engaging, willing to open up a little and show her personality, which she did so well on stage during Idol.

"Before Idol, everybody knew I was 16, because I was so immature, but now I've matured very fast," she said.

"I used to sit in the back of the room and not saying anything. Now I have to walk around and introduce myself. I'm pretty shy, but when I'm around people I know I'm not very shy."

Donovan has just released her first album, For You, which she made in six days.

She recorded two tracks a day, but was happy with the result.

"I'm extremely happy with it. Listening to it, I think it came up pretty well," Donovan said.

She co-wrote one song - the title track, For You - which will guarantee Donovan some of the millions that her album will make.

Donovan is touring the country doing in-store promotions and is constantly complimented by girls who say she has inspired them, because she's not your typical Britney Spears-type pop star.

"There are a lot of people who are commenting, saying, 'Don't change, you're beautiful the way you are'," Donovan said.

Donovan has had hardly any time to catch up with her fellow Idols - just before the interview, Marty Worrall rang to say how much he loved the CD.

She looks back positively at her time with the finalists in the house.

"I loved it," Donovan said.

"It's amazing how close you get in that short amount of time."

Herald Sun


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Casey culls fart noises | BACK |
22 December 2004

Casey culls fart noises
December 10, 2004

FAME for Casey Donovan means she can no longer sit at the back of a cinema and make fart noises.

Nor can she chew her ice loudly or throw popcorn.

"I went to the movies a couple of nights ago and I thought, 'oh what the hell, I'll just do it for old times sake', and I'm sitting there making fart noises and chewing on my ice really loudly," Donovan said.

"And then I realise I kinda can't do this anymore.

"That was when it hit me that I have got to get out of that teenage stage and mature."

It has been less than three weeks since Donovan won Australian Idol, securing a recording contract with Sony BMG.

The 16-year-old has since been locked in the recording studio, and her debut single, Listen With Your Heart, has topped the Australian ARIA charts.

The success of Listen With Your Heart is just another milestone in what has been a whirlwind few weeks for the Sydneysider.

Since beating Melbournian Anthony Callea to be crowned Australian Idol, Donovan has done countless media interviews, photo shoots and appearances.

Her debut album, For You, will hit stores on Sunday after being recorded in just six days.

"I have kind of just sung about other people and put myself in their shoes and how they're feeling at the moment," Donovan said.

The album features a mix of pop songs and love ballads - which may seem a bit of a diversion for someone who entered the Idol competition listing late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain as her musical idol.

"I am a very alternative listener," Donovan said.

"I listen to some heavy stuff, some sad stuff and I listen to a bit of country here and there.

"My dad's side of the family was very country and one of the songs on there sounds a bit country with the acoustic guitar – Better To Love."

Since winning Idol, Donovan has barely spent any time with her family and schoolmates.

Her first few weeks out of the Idol group house was spent in an inner-city Sydney apartment close to a recording studio.

And this week she returned home to live with her mother and stepfather in suburban Bankstown.

Donovan's personal life has been splashed about in virtually every teen and celebrity magazine in the country.

Some magazines focused on her relationship, or lack thereof, with her estranged father while others talked about her smoking habits and rumoured relationship with beatbox singer Joel Turner.

Donovan, who smokes up to two packets of cigarettes a day, said she was trying to quit the habit.

"I was smoking before I went into Idol," she said.

"No one really cared then but I guess now that I am a role model to the younger generation and stuff like that I try not to do it in public."

Donovan began her Idol journey wearing baggy skater clothes with her head bowed.

However, she finished on a high note experimenting with fashion and obviously finding more self-confidence.

And she managed to maintain her trademark black dreadlocked hair and grunge style, which has won her a legion of fans.

"You never see any size 16 to 24 people in magazines unless you go and buy a separate magazine that is just about that," Donovan said.

"Most bigger girls are extremely pretty. Eventually I will lose weight.

"I have tried so many times but it just doesn't work."

Prior to auditioning for Idol, Donovan studied at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney.

And although her current schedule won't allow it, she plans on completing Year 12.

"Eventually I will go back to school, even if I have to go to TAFE.

"Because I just want that piece of paper that says Casey Donovan finished her HSC."

Despite her youth, Donovan appears to be coping admirably with the fame thrust upon her as Australia's latest singing sensation.

"There's a lot of pressure built up but I guess I just take every day as it comes," she said.

"I'm just being myself so I can't really change much of that."



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Casey debuts at Number One, Album Details | BACK |
6 December 2004

Australian Idol Casey Donovan's first single 'Listen to Your Heat' has debuted on the official national Aria Charts at Number One on the singles charts. The ballad beat Gwen Stefani, Joel Turner, Destiny's Child and Kylie Minogue to the top spot and has achieved double platinum status. The single sold close to 140,000 copies during its first week of release.

Record executives are also predicting an exceptional response to Casey Donovan's debut album. The Australian Idol's debut album is titled "For You" after a self-penned track and is also set to debut on the album charts at number one with over 200,000 copies bombarding stores nationally from next Monday. The 11 track CD, including one track written by Donovan, was recorded in six days. With an estimated audience of over 3.6 million viewers for the Australian Idol grand finale, there's no doubt that this is the biggest release of the year, just in time for the busy Christmas period.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

03. FLOW

Anthony's Prayers answered | BACK |
6 December 2004

Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea returned to Sydney last week to record and shoot the film clip for his first single, The Prayer. After coming close to becoming the Australian Idol, Anthony was also signed to SonyBMG with his debut album due for release in February.

Anthony's signature tune The Prayer was released to radio this week and the single will go on sale on the 19 December as he and the rest of the Top 10 Idol contestants prepare to head off on a near sold-out national Australian Idol tour with John Foreman.

Also released on the 19 December will be last year's runner-up Shannon Noll's next single- a cover of the Cricket classic jingle, C'mon Aussie, C'mon. Channel Nine approached Noll to re-record the World Series Cricket classic and will release it on December 19 to raise money for the Good Start Breakfast Club, run by Australian Red Cross. Nine's cricket executive producer Graeme Koos updated the lyrics penned by Alan Morris and Allan Johnson.

Donovan appears at first gig | BACK |
6 December 2004

Donovan appears at first gig
By Christine Sams and Rachel Browne
December 5, 2004
The Sun-Herald

After a gruelling week in the studio making her debut album, Australian Idol's Casey Donovan yesterday gave her first public performance since winning the competition.

And she got to the Greater Union cinema at Bondi Junction with a little help from her friends: second-placed Anthony Callea and last year's winner and runner-up, Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll.

Donovan's single, Listen With Your Heart, was released last week and is expected to hit the No. 1 spot on the ARIA charts tomorrow after more than 150,000 copies were shipped to record stores across Australia.

Her debut album, titled For You, will be released next Sunday and is expected to go straight to No. 1.

Retailers are waiting to see whether the 16-year-old Sydney schoolgirl can match the success of Sebastian, whose first single, Angels Brought Me Here, won an ARIA award for highest-selling single with more than 200,000 copies sold and whose debut album, Just As I Am, sold more than half a million copies in its first month in the charts.

While Donovan admitted she was nervous about performing at 2Day FM's Kyle And Jackie O Christmas Show, she said she wasn't too concerned about the sale of her album.

"I don't know what will happen. What if it doesn't go to No. 1?" she said.

Sebastian was wearing a leg brace: he tore ligaments kicking a football around with Noll at a charity cricket match on Friday.


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Send Fanmail to Idols | BACK |
6 December 2004 [updated January 2005]

Want to send Casey or Anthony fan mail? Just send your message to the following address.

[ Name of Idol ]
c/- Australian Idol
Network Ten
1 Saunders Street
Pyrmont, Sydney NSW 2009

Other contestants may also be reached through Network Ten.

Casey and Anthony can also be contacted through manager Wendy Richards at Rogue Events/Working Management.

World Idol cancelled | BACK |
6 December 2004

Singapore newspaper, The New Paper, reported last week that industry sources said World Idol would most likely be cancelled.

Ms Selena Ho, vice-president of Channel 5's network programming and promotions, confirmed to The New Paper that World Idol won't be happening because she hasn't been given any 'Christmas deadline' by Fremantle Productions Asia, which partly owns the Idol format.

She said: 'We asked about it, but we received no confirmation and haven't heard anything since.

'If we do anything, it'll be very different from World Idol - probably in an Asian arena where it's a showcase of talent rather than a competition.

'But we have to make sure we have enough Idols in Asia in the first place.

'We're still in the exploratory stage.

'It's up to Fremantle to decide how to proceed.'

A Fremantle spokesman declined to comment at press time.

Singapore Idol 23-year-old Taufik Batisah was stunned when told of the news.

'I'm a bit disappointed and upset that I won't be able to show the world what Singapore talent sounds like, and that we won't be heard.

'But I'm just happy enough to be the Singapore Idol.'

While Taufik is happy enough to settle for just that, it will be a pity for his fans.

They will also have to say goodbye to seeing him slug it out with American Idol Ruben Studdard, Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor, Indonesian Idol Joy Tobing and Australia's Casey Donovan.

World Idol, which was held in Britain for the first time last Christmas, saw Idol winners from 11 countries - including America's Kelly Clarkson, UK's Will Young, Australia's Guy Sebastian and eventual winner, Norway's Kurt Nilsen - going throat to throat for bragging rights.

However, critics savaged the show and questioned the whole point of making 10 losers out of 11 Idols and subjecting them to a torrent of verbal abuse from an international panel of judges.


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