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|| Australian Idol 3: 2005

Australian Idol

|| Andrew G
Andrew G
A self-confessed music obsessive, Andrew once harboured an intense desire to be a rock star himself but he fell into a broadcasting career instead. After five years in radio, he was snapped up by Channel [V] in 1999 to present their television music request show, whatUwant.

whatUwant is broadcast live weekly and Andrew chats to viewers from all over Australia, playing their favourite music clips and putting them in touch with their musical idols. He is thrilled by the fact that he gets paid to talk about his first love - music.

That makes him an ideal co-host for Australian Idol. Andrew G believes that Australian Idol is "one of the most exciting and compelling television shows Australia has ever seen" and is looking forward to presenting Australian Idol 2 "live", because that's what he does best. When he's not hosting for Ten or [V], he can be found playing double-bass for his ten piece country band at a venue near you in Sydney.

|| James Mathison
James Mathson
James Mathison is the original lucky star. This former high school captain won the gig of presenting Channel [V]'s music news program, The Informer, after blitzing an audition in front of the show's producers in 2000. He has taken to television like a duck to water and on The Informer, this musical brainiac delivers the most up to date news on which musos are touring where and when.

An avid Simpsons and Space Ghost fan, James' favourite musicians include Fugazi, Rage Against The Machine, Sleater Kinney and Jeff Buckley.

He confesses to having a crush on Fiona Apple, Janet Jackson, Kylie (who doesn't!), Adalita from Magic Dirt and Lil' Kim. He is looking forward to co-hosting Australian Idol with Andrew G again and expects the show to deliver a spectacular array of talent.

|| Leah McLeod
Leah McLeod To ensure that the search for our Australian Idol is given the greatest possible chance of success we entrust the show to the most talented people in their respective fields. The production staff, the judges, the musical director and vocal coach and, of course, the hosts, sail the Australian Idol ship on a safe passage through the choppy waters of this talent search.

And so it is with great pleasure that we welcome Leah McLeod into the Australian Idol fold as the host of Inside Idol.

This year Leah is a welcome addition to the hosting team and brings with her years of experience, presenting both on radio and television.

Leah began honing her skills with Channel 9 Adelaide in 1991 – the year Nirvana released Nevermind, Bryan Adams had the biggest selling single of the year with (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, and Dicko still lived in the UK.

A gig as an announcer with the breakfast team on SAFM Adelaide before long resulted in a move to the big smoke (Sydney that is, not to work for a cigarette manufacturer). Over the next few years Leah found a home at Triple M, Channel [V], Network Ten, Nova FM and Channel 9, variously as announcer, presenter, host, panellist, glamorous epitome of excellence!

It’s this level of experience that makes Leah the ideal candidate to take us behind the scenes on Australian Idol. Whenever and wherever there is Idol news, drama, gossip, tears and laughter worth reporting, you will find Leah.

Get the inside scoop on Inside Idol with Leah McLeod, starting Thursday August 5.