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|| IDOL FORUM 2005
Australian Idol Forum


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|| SEASON 1 : 2003

Inside Australian Idol

Relive the first series of Australian Idol with the season one site


|| AUSTRALIAN IDOL 4 : 2006 ||

|| Australian Idol 4: 2006

Damien LeithDean GeyerReigan DerryJessica MauboyBobby FlynnJoseph Gatehau
Lisa MitchellLavina WilliamsRicky MuscatGuy MuttonKlancie KeoughChris Murphy

|| Australian Idol 2
Casey Donovan | What's Going On
Anthony Callea  | Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water


Australian Idol 2 | 2004

Casey Donovan- Winner 2004
:: "Listen to Your Heart"
:::: Released 29 November 2004
:: "What's Going On"
:::: Released 21 February 2005
:: "For You"
:::: Album released 13 December 2004

Anthony Callea- Runner-up
:: "The Prayer"
:::: Released 19 December 2004
:: "Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water"
:::: Released 14 March 2005
:: "Anthony Callea Album"
:::: Released 28 March 2005

Australian Idol- Top 10 2004
:: "Good Times"
:::: Cast Single released 24 January 2005
:: "Australian Idol Final Ten 2004: Cast Album"
:::: Cast Album released 17 January 2005

|| Idol's new judge
Kyle Sandilands

THE sparks are set to fly on Australian Idol, with outspoken and unrepentant radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands joining the judging panel.

Sandilands was a vocal critic of the second series of the show. He landed the coveted role after a four-month search by producers to find a replacement for Ian 'Dicko' Dickson, who quit Idol last year.

Music entrepreneur Glenn Wheatley was understood to have been sounded out for the role but declined.

That left the door open for Channel Ten to sign Sandilands to a three-year-deal.


|| Australian Idol 2: CASEY DONOVAN
Australian Idol winner | IDOL: CASEY DONOVAN |

Sydney's Casey Donovan was named Australia's next Idol in an extraordinary live television event. Over three hours Australia learned who would be the nations next singing Superstar.

The show began with live performances by selected Top 30 finalists performing on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, the arrival of Anthony and Casey and included performances by the Top 12, climaxing to a nail-biting conclusion when the hosts announced that Casey Donovan is Australia's next Australian Idol. MORE >>

|| Australian Idol Album and Singles
Casey Donovan single
Casey Donovan
"Listen With Your Heart"
Anthony Callea single
Anthony Callea
"The Prayer"
Casey Donovan album
Casey Donovan
"For You"

|| Finalists- Top 2
Top 2

Amali Ward, 16, Hobart
Angie Narayan, 26, Queensland
Anthony Callea, 21, Melbourne [Runner-Up]

Casey Donovan, 16, Sydney [winner]
Chanel Cole, 26, New South Wales
Courtney Murphy, 24, Perth
Dan O'Connor, 25, New South Wales
Daniel Belle, 21, Sydney
Emelia Rusciano, 25, Adelaide
Hayley Jensen, 21, ACT
Marty Worrall, 26, New South Wales
Ricki-Lee Coulter, 18, Queensland

:: More about the Finalists >>

|| Inside Australian Idol: Updates

|| Latest News

21 February 2005
Shock jock Kyle is Idol's new Mr Nasty
Anthony Callea builds bridge over troubled water
What's Going On with Casey

18 January 2005
Australian Idol Album, Single and Tour
Donovan dons her goth look
Casey's heart's hardly in it
Local idols reclaim charts
Loser doubles winner's sales

22 December 2004
Chart positions for Anthony and Casey
Anthony ousts Casey
Casey won't diet for anyone
Casey Donovan, For You
Shy Casey left behind
Casey culls fart noises

6 December 2004
Casey debuts at Number One, Album Details
Anthony's Prayers answered
Donovan appears at first gig
Send Fanmail to Idols
World Idol cancelled

25 November 2004
Callea signs record deal
Idol life has only just begun
Ten's record ratings
Telstra directs Idol fans to porn site
After the high, Casey hits a low

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|| Inside Australian Idol: COMPETITION

Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions, Inside Australian Idol is unable to continue the competition that was previously advertised. However, this week's winner will be contacted and will receive their prize by mail.

The 'Inside Australian Idol' website has played a fundamental role in promoting the 'Australian Idol' brand and TV programme from the very beginning of the series in 2003 to many fans all around Australia. It was never our intention to undermine Australian Idol, Fremantle Media or their relationship with their merchandise licensees.

|| Inside Australian Idol: Unconfirmed Rumours

28 July 2004
The Top 30 revealed
Twin trouble ahead?

22 July 2004
Who will make the Top 30?

18 July 2004
Rumoured Finalists Top 30

13 July 2004
Rumoured Inside Info
Rumoured Finalist

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|| Australian Idol: Program Schedule

Australian Idol 2004 Grand Finale
Sunday, November 21 7.30pm
Sydney's Casey Donovan is named Australia's next Idol in an extraordinary live television event.

Head-to-Head Performance Show
Sunday, November 14 7.30pm
Anthony and Casey have performed live in the final round of live theme shows in Australian Idol.

Australian Idol Top 2 Revealed
Monday, November 8 7.30pm
Will make to the top 2 from the remaining finalists? Find out tonight.

Australian Idol Performance Show
Sunday, November 7 7.30pm
The Top 3 perform hits from the 70's. The final performace show before the final two are announced.

Every Thursday at 7.30pm on Network Ten with Leah McLeod

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|| Australian Idol
Australian Idol


The most popular unofficial Australian Idol fansite, Inside Australian Idol, is back for the second series of the country's most popular reality TV series Australian Idol.

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|| Australian Idol: Facts Box

Ten believes the new program "..will be the biggest show of the year"

Good Morning Australia's John Foreman has signed on as a Music Director for the series. He has hosted the NSW Schools Spectacular on ABC TV and also wrote 'The Flame' performed by Tina Arena at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The final episode will be filmed live from the Sydney Opera House during the final ratings week in November.

Ten is understood to have already signed six lucrative sponsorship deals for Australian Idol including- a clothing brand to outfit the Idol contestants, fast food outlet McDonald's and the cosmetics company L'Oréal.

Australian Idol is expected to cost Network Ten up to $10 million and is a joint production between Fremantle Media subsidiary Grundy Television in association with UK company 19TV and Channel 10.