All of the puppets are individually designed and handcrafted by Lenka Muchova / Australia and Ludmila Muchova / Czech Republic. They carry the fine detail of craftsmanship and heritage of Bohemia with a personal touch which cannot be reproduced by an other hand Acquiring these puppets you not just get a piece of collectible items into your households but a true friend you can always trust.

There are still available some limited editions of puppets which were handcrafted by Pan Tau ( Otto Simanek ) himself . Ask details from Lenka.

Every inquiry about available stocks and prices should be directed to Lenka via Email or phone.


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We do not want to influence what a puppet means to you . For a Mucha / Simanek family it always meant something like a national identity , a tradition. It also has helped to make the dark , cold days of winter feel warmer to do something together , talk and share feelings. Puppets and acting out roles with puppets also has been a very powerful way of protesting against any form of suppression.  

The archive pictures above show Ludmila and Pan Tau at work.

Opera Mozart


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These ( limited edition ) puppets originally were created and handcrafted as a memorabilia for the honorable guests of the premier of Don Giovanni by Mozart at the Prague Estates Theatre.

Witches & Wizards


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For some these puppets are scary , for others it is a sign of protection , good luck . Do not miss the Vodnik ( water spirit ) . Can you identify them ? Choose the one which is matching with your state of mind.

Casanova & Ladies


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Have you heard about Casanova ? Well you might not know about his relation to Mozart ( and the girlfriend of Mozart, Mrs Duskova ) . You also might find surprising that Casanova has wrote his autobiography at the castle of Dux , Bohemia  and the original copy is still safely protected there . No wonder that he has been reborn as a puppet in Praque with all the accompanying beauties of the time , all time goddesses.



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Would you think that aborigines needs puppet ? Well , this question has not stop Lenka to create the first set of the puppets , the main characters or the aborigines story " Dreamtime Stories of the Yuin Tribe "" by Gubbo [Good friend] Ted Thomas, as he was told by his grandmother, medicine woman. . The puppet show was performed as a birthday present ( for his 90ís in 1999 ) to Guboo Ted Thomas in the Dreaming camp . The narrator was Lenkaís long time friend the post-romantic artist Wednesday Kennedy.