Australian & World Coins Swap Page


Welcome to my coin swap page. I collect world coins by type. Have a look at my collection, if you have something to offer, please email me

I use the following catalogues as reference:

Krause 2010 Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1901 - 2000

Krause 2010 Standard Catalog Of World Coins 2001 - Date

Australian Coin And Banknote Catalogue



I trade coins by value according to their grade using the above catalogues

The initiator of the trade sends coins first. I will send coins once the package has arrived. If we've traded successfully before, we can send at the same time.

Please have a look at my collection to see if you can offer anything that isn't listed. Keep in mind the list may not be 100% up to date

If you have a doubles list to offer, please attach it.

If you don't have your coins valued, please be prepared to grade any coins I select from your list

The trade value is determined by whoever has the lowest value of coins

(ie. I selected 10 coins from your list which are valued at $20. You chose 15 coins from my list which total $10. I would then need to adjust my selection of coins to match the value of $10)

I will post the coins on whichever service is agreed upon. If you are happy to post unregistered, I can do the same. Registered post allows compensation if it is lost.

I believe this to be the best and fairest way to trade coins. If you do not agree with the above rules, please don't email me.


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