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Friday 20th June 2003
         It's a little delayed but this time there are two songs of the month, which I'll be leaving up until the end of July. These two songs are Bullet Proof and Sweet Home Alabama, both of which are songs the chilis have performed live. They are only relatively small tracks, but well worth it. Bullet Proof is one of the best songs I have ever heard and Sweet Home Alabama is done well. The version of Bullet Proof available for download is off the Christmas Party '91 bootleg, but I edited it slightly, changing the volume of the crowd and reducing the wait for the end of the song (the instrumental part) to nothing, so it's now one continuous song. In other news the new single, Universally Speaking, has been released and the video for the song is very disappointing. One of the b-sides, however, seems to be creating a stir on the official bbs. It is called Slowly Deeply and is an unfinished song from the Californication sessions. Unfinished insofar that it has no vocals and is thus and instrumental track, and a very good one at that.

Friday 2nd May 2003
         The Song of the month for April was none other than the legendary Phfat Dance. This track appeared on the Californication Demo CD handed out to the radio stations, but was never officially released because Kiedis didn't like the way his voice sounded in the studio. This month Teatro Jam is on offer. It's an instrumental track that made an appearance on the Around The World Single 1. It reminds me a little of Grand Pappy Du Plenty because of how it sounds. To put it simply, this song is well worth every byte of download. Next month you can expect to see a song that the Peppers have performed live, which doesn't appear on any albums, maybe even two songs.

Monday 31st March 2003
         I just finished the section for the bootlegs, and you can access it from the bottom menu on every page. There are 64 bootlegs in total. You can download two concerts in their entirety at The first concert was held in Lyon, Paris at Halle Tony Garnier on the 20th of June last year. The mp3s for that show are in 128kbit quality, which is standard for mp3s. The second concert hosted on the site is also in Paris, but at the Palais Omnisports de Paris in Bercy, on the 13th of February this year. The mp3s for that concert are in 196kbit, which basically means that the songs take up more space on your hard drive.

Monday 3rd March 2003
         I added a link to a song a few weeks ago, which has been the start of a new section called Song of the Month. I plan to have a different song there every month and I will also try to ensure that the songs there aren't album tracks. The song for last month was a fantastic bass solo by Flea, and this month the song is a studio version of Havana Affair, which is a cover of a Ramones song appearing on a tribute album compiled by Rob Zombie that was released last month. There haven't been any other additions to the site, but I plan to add a section in the discography for bootlegs.

Sunday 2nd February 2003
         Much has happened with the Red Hots since the last site update over three months ago. By The Way has gone platinum five times in Ireland! That may not sound like anything too special, but if you consider Ireland's population for a minute, it means that approximately one seventh of the country's population owns a copy of By The Way. It has reached triple platinum in good old Aus and two times platinum in Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the UK. Considering that I haven't updated the site in such a long time, I felt the need to add an incredible amount of material. This update sees 19 new entries in the Discography and also a slightly cleaner look on the Discography page itself. Now instead of separating two different singles for the same release, they are combined into the one entry. Three new photos grace the Pictures section, an excellent new wallpaper, as well a fairly drastic change in the layout of that page. To put it simply, it is much much simpler than before and an incredibly large deal easier to update, which theoretically should mean more pictures in the future. If you want to see what the new pictures are, then you'll just have to visit the section. Lastly, the navigational tool at the bottom of the site has been removed. It's a waste of space and doesn't really fit in very well with the current site design, in my humble opinion. Oh, I almost forgot. Alexandra Kerr has been gracious enough to write up a short biography/timeline for the band and you can find that where it should have been about five months ago.

Tuesday 8th October 2002
         It's been an unusually lengthy period of time since the last update, but my FTP program decided that I had to pay some money to continue using it. Thanks to the founder of the Blunt Boys site, Reece Crawford for his help in finding a new FTP program that should hopefully never ask me for any money. Updates include a new menu bar which is easier to view in 1024x768 resolution and also check out the Pictures section to see the cool new translucency of the pictures. There is a poll up and running where you can vote for your favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers album of all time and you may have noticed a change in the navigational tool. The other one may have looked infinitely cooler, but I used a photoshop tutorial to make it, courtesy of and so I couldn't really call it my own. You never know, I might actually try and make one that looks even better then the one before, maybe when I can find the time.

Friday 20th September 2002
         This post finds me between assignments, but I've had some spare time over the last week and a half. Updates include: funky-looking scrollbar, Back To Top symbols along the Discography and Lyrics pages, 19 extra lyrics for songs you can't find on the eight albums, a fixed background picture, three desktop wallpapers available for download in Pictures (the third one is my most favourite), the spinning star under the menu to the left, a refreshed new look for the title, and last but definitely not least, the navigational tool that has replaced those old school words with some funky nu skool graphics. Biography? maybe later.

Wednesday 11th September 2002
         The idea was there to make use of the CSS things, but when I tried them out the page looked, basically, like crap and so the idea has been scrapped. However, the site is doing better than most in terms of code. All tags are closed and in lower case, and all tag attributes are enclosed in quotation marks. If you've got absolutely no idea what I'm talking about then don't worry. There are too many assignments, tests, etc going on right now, so I don't think I'll have any time at all for the site until late September at the earliest, which means that there won't be a biography for some time. I've uploaded two pictures to the Pictures section (of all places). It's a start at least. Thanks to Nick Koster for the Simpsons pic ;). Finally, best wishes to the families of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Just a little note to the Australian media, you guys are supposed to have the day and then the month in the date, and not the other way around, which I've noticed everywhere recently.

Sunday 8th September 2002
         I haven't been able to do any work on the biography or find any pictures as I have just spent most of the weekend converting the HTML documents into XHTML, which basically means checking over each page's source code and adding in end tags (' /' at the end of line breaks, horizontal rules and image tags) and changing soon-to-be deprecated tags with the correct code. The reason for this is basically you end up with much cleaner code and more compatibility with various browsers. There's also the fact that the good people in the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) have set a new standard for HTML. Over the next few weeks I'll be learning how to make and implement CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so that HTML is used for what it was designed for (document structure) and not formatting. In other news, the site has gone under revision and frames have been added, as well as navigational links at the bottom of every page.

Tuesday 3rd September 2002
         OK, so I said a week, what I meant was two days. The Lyrics page is now complete, except for any non-album tracks. Discography now has all the albums, as well as a few collection CDs and the "Abbey Road EP". There are some singles, but hopefully more will be added in the future. If you know of any other lyrics or singles, please submit them to me complete with a track listing, the year of initial release and, if possible, the record company responsible for the release. Only authorised releases please :-) Just click on my name at the bottom of the page to send me an email. There are now a few links and sometime between now and next week I will begin work on the biography, as well as grab some pictures.

Sunday 1st September 2002
         Finally the launch of One Hot Site has arrived and at the moment only the Lyrics section has anything. Give it a week or two before anything else gets added, just don't hold your breath. Anyways, head on over to Lyrics for all of RHCP's albums except for "By The Way", which I'm still working on. That is all.

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