Nicole Gaynor Seifert


Born and raised in Sydney, now living in Canberra for it’s country meets city relaxing lifestyle, I have always been drawn to community based work.

My experience in Hospitality entering into adulthood, saw me travelling and living in London and New Zealand.

I was brought up with my mothers views on religion and that is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Behave toward others as you would like to have them behave toward you.

I was raised to accept all people regardless of where they came from, or how they were raised.

I enjoy meeting people of all faiths and cultures, and people who from all walks of life. I feel it educates me and reduces fear which to this day is still spreading it’s self through the world regardless that the world is ever changing.

As a person I like to volunteer my services to the community when I can.

In 2003-2004 I worked for Mission Australia as a Telephone Crisis Counsellor several nights a week from their Surry Hill Office.
I would head there after work and attend to the phones for 3 hours listening to people who needed to be heard.
I would never know how their lives turned out, though the short time I got to listen and speak to them, I hoped that I just being there for them assisted in their life progression in a positive way.

While living in Canberra I have volunteered with Barnardos on their Kids Friends program for 2 years 2008-2010. Being able to see the positive impact I had on the child they matched me with was an amazing experience.

A child can teach you so much about life. Sometimes as an adult you lose track of the simple and small things that can bring happiness.

Volunteering for Barnardos made me one of the lucky ones.


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