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Renewal of Vows
Naming Ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony should be catered to the happy couple, your commitment and the ceremony style should reflect your beliefs and values as a couple. My role as a civil marriage celebrant is to design and incorporate who you are together as a couple in to a ceremony and solemnizing your union in front of your loving friends and family who willingly bare witness to your marriage. This sounds very formal and serious; I believe that a marriage ceremony, especially the vows and legal frame work that will join you in marriage, is a serious and joyous event. So with the understanding of the importance of marriage, let’s have some fun with your ceremony, one that will be remembered by all. There are various types of ceremonies that I am happy to perform, and if one is not listed here, please let me know, one of the reasons of becoming a celebrant was to increase my knowledge on our diverse culture.

  • Pagan Ceremony theme
  • Hand Fasting Ritual
  • Medieval Ceremony
  • Gothic Ceremony
  • Nude Weddings (Note – Celebrant will not be nude)
  • Bring your culture and traditions to the ceremony
  • Create your own ceremony
  • Private ceremony (as long as you have your 2 witness’s minimum)
  • Dawn Ceremonies
  • Dusk Ceremonies
  • Midnight Ceremonies

Ceremonies can be performed anywhere in Australia 7 days a week. The most important thing to remember is this is your wedding; your moment you both chose to share with myself, your friends and family.

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Renewal of Vows

A dedication of love through the sanctity of marriage can be renewed as many times as you wish throughout your lives together.

Have you thought of renewing your vows on your wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentines Day? Is renewing your vows something you want to share with your children as they grow up to show them the strength and commitment you have for each other?

The love and emotion you both share should be celebrated. I am happy to discuss how you want your ceremony created to renew your vows, there is no legal frame work for renewal of vows so if you wish to create a comical ceremony to share your love and the experience you have had together over the years, here is your chance.

If you at the time of your wedding could not cater for all your friends and loved ones a renewal of vows is a perfect opportunity to include those who missed out, due to distance. You may have married overseas.

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Naming Ceremonies

Whether you are bonding your child to chosen god parents, guide parents, guardians; I can provide a non religious ceremony for babies and children of all ages, the ceremony can be designed around your personal traditions and beliefs.

If you wish to incorporate your religious beliefs you are more than welcome to do so, if you have someone who you would like to read a prayer there is no exclusion to the ceremony you wish to have.

Have you thought of a baby blessing ceremony? I have recently discussed with people who share the same thoughts as me on naming ceremonies and though I am of no set religion, cultural traditions I like to be open minded on all religions and cultural traditions to close the gap of the ‘unknown’ and allow myself to be educated and aware of the beautiful people that fill the world around me.

A baby blessing ceremony can allow your diverse range of friends to be included in on the ceremony by creating a blessing for your child, something you can keep and bind to show your child later in life.

A naming ceremony can be designed how you wish to welcome your child into society around your friends and loved ones it can be created based on the strong ties of the environment you choose to bring your child up in.

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Commitment Ceremonies

I read once ‘the rules for your commitment ceremony are: There are no rules’.
With no legal obligation a commitment ceremony can be catered for couples who wish to communicate to their friends and family and to each other of their commitment and love that brings them together through public affirmation.

As a civil marriage celebrant, I understand the seriousness and commitment of marriage, and that it should not be entered in to lightly.

Your commitment ceremony could be a stepping stone to a marriage something that could be performed at your engagement party, or it could be that under the legal term marriage you find or feel it does not suit you and your partner

The process for a commitment ceremony can be of any structure you wish, I will happily assist and cater the ceremony to you and your partners relationship. Your ceremony can be as traditional and formal as you like, you can have it laid back or themed.

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