Seven Stories
     Life's Most Perilous Journey 
- The Journey Within -

Kim Miller

February 2006

ISBN 1 74027 336 2
Published 2006 by
An imprint of
Ginninderra Press

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Hey, Hey, Paula
Imagine life as a grand karaoke session. Your world plays the music, all you have to do is sing along. Pity poor Paula. They’re playing her song and she doesn’t know the words. And she’s missed her cue, poor thing.

Free Fall Rising
Cameron has been sent to a boy's home. Like most things in his life he doesn't know why it is happening. And like most things in his life it is going to be dangerous for him. But this time William Golding goes along for the ride.

Me ‘n’ You
You sit contemplating a bowl of spaghetti. Each strand twists and dives at random. What if your life was like that? And what would happen if one or two strands decided to unravel from the rest? Alice is about to find out. It's too bad her name means "truth."

Someone looks out a window, or is he really looking in? And this thing about watching a movie, what if it's the movie watching us? Sometimes a window is life’s way of saying, "Look out!"

The Axe Murderer’s Suitcase
Shakespeare wrote a play about lovers within a play about lovers. Leoncavallo wrote an opera about lovers within an opera about lovers. Here an author writes a fantasy about lovers from within the fantasy of her own love. Then she finds the axe murderer's suitcase.

Struggles To Be Stronger
How do you get to know someone who has covered his tracks so competently? This man thinks he is exploring his father’s life but the real journey is elsewhere. He should fasten his seat belt for he’s in for a rough ride.

A Leg To Stand On
A man learns to swear. And he prays for a seagull. It’s not much of a foundation upon which to build a future. Or is it?

The Author

Kim Miller grew up in country NSW before moving to the city to study engineering where he was not an attentive student. A clash of motorcycles took him elsewhere and he now finds himself working as a chaplain in a country NSW gaol. Kim has a PhD from the University of Exeter, UK. His doctoral dissertation bridges theology, religious symbolism and Jungian psychology. Jungian themes sometimes appear in his stories. He is married with one son, a motorcycle and an eye for a winding road.

Review of Insiders

Albert Camus set 'The Outsider' in a parched French African town. A disturbing young man commits a crime. He became an existentialist icon.

Had Camus been born into a country town west of Sydney in the same period he would have emigrated immediately. With 'Insiders', Kim Miller has taken up the task which Camus escaped. Human existence in this sector of the country is hard to write about; invisible feelings, hidden illuminations, dreams of becoming, sexual disasters. Few people tell the truth. With a wry humour which the Frenchman lacked, Kim Miller describes disturbingly Australian stories of crime, perplexity and illusion... the woman and the cafe, the country doctor, the bar, the boy in trouble...

These intricate outcast characters (cases) will appeal to those who remember 'Australia.'

Dr. Craig San Roque - Psychoanalyst, Sydney. has also reviewed Insiders

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