"Fallacies and Phallusies"
Why your Hobie Cat is just another phallic symbol.
Is it just a matter of toys for the boys?
Hobie Logo Some people have one, some don't.
Many people call them by childish names.
People with a bigger one say "Bigger is better".
Some people take them very seriously, most other people see them purely as toys and prefer to have fun.
The serious people say their proper purpose is to transfer seamen from one place to another. 
Some people don't seem to be able to think of anything else.
They can point up or down, upwards is more fun.
Once the fun starts it's hard to stop.
Some people like to take things leisurely, others seem to think they are in a race all the time. This is notably a specific gender difference.
Some of them have a tip modification. The modification happens more in the USA than other countries.
Some people who have the modified tip wish they could go back to the original design.
Some people without the tip modification wonder what it would perform like with the modification.
It takes two people to get the most fun out of one, but the smaller ones are usually handled solo.
If you play with it too much you'll go blind. 

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