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Suzuki GS1000G
It's not the greatest bike in the world, but after twenty years they still kick over on the first hit and take you almost anywhere.

The best place for info about the Suzuki GS bikes of 1975-1985 is at GSResources.
This site has loads of info and loads of people wasting time talking about their GS bikes.

Home Made Heated Hand Grips.
This is what I did to keep my hands warm in the local winter.

The Big Bike Prang
If you are stuck for something to do for a year or more I don't suggest this to anyone.

The Funny Stuff
Here's some stuff that seemed to come my way.

My Other Bike Is a Harley
I told the family that it was time they all kicked in to buy me a Harley Davidson. Here it is. Aren't they a great bunch?

Not Another Harley!!
This was at a wedding that I conducted about 1996. The groom and Best Man turned up on the back of a pair of Harleys. After the wedding we brought this into the church for some photos. He wouldn't let me take it home.

Anyway, it was time he took his bike in for a service.

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