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cover pic- April 1st, 2013 -
Kim Miller departs from the heavy themes of his previous novel and heads into the calmer waters of kid's poetry.

Who's Who - Poo in the Zoo
A collection of wacky situations, crazy characters & rockin' rhymes. Your boys will want to read these poems aloud - in the kitchen - while you are preparing dinner. Oh yeah!

Contains a few bums, some spew, bucket-loads of farts, and more snot than you ever thought could fit in a booger museum

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They Told Me I Had To Write This is Kim Miller's young adult novel.

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Who's Who - Poo in the Zoo
Published April Fool's Day 2013

They Told Me I Had To Write This
Young Adult novel. Published 2009

Kim's book of short stories. Published 2006

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Hobie Cat - Catamaran Sailing & Racing
These are old articles written for the catamaran e-zine, On The Wire