About Us


Yummico started as distribution company in 1995 trading under Fabsten Pty Ltd. In its humble beginnings, Yummico invented new products and got different manufacturers to produce them under the Yummico name. As time went by, it became more difficult to find the right factories. Therefore, in 2005, Yummico started producing on a small scale and started developing their own unique product lines.

Today, Yummico is still creating and producing products that are new to the market. Yummico are not influenced by existing products and always strive to bring innovation to the market. All products are hand-made and the business is strictly  family orientated and owned. Yummico use finest ingredients that are available in Australia. Custom products are offered, so customers are able to design their required product and we can create them. 

Products are made to order when possible to ensure that the freshest products are available. Currently, our major lines include 'Logs' and our gluten free range of 'Nuts About It' and 'Creamy Fudge'.

Nuts About It

Custom Made Pumpkin-Themed Cake

Turkish Delight Wafer Log