The Big Reunion . --- 1988.     

The 200th Wedding Anniversary of 

Henry and Susannah Kable                

10th February, 1988.

Henry and  Susannah may be long gone but certainly not forgotten. On 13th February, 1988 the largest formal 5 star gathering ever ad in Australia was held to celebrate the 200 years of our family, the marriage of the ancestors and our success in this country. This was made an “Official Bicentennial Event.” Email me for the photo of the certificate.

The site for the dinner was the ballroom of the “Regent Hotel “,now the “Four Seasons Hotel”,George St. Sydney at the Quay It is within 500 metres of where the first party landed 200 years ago. Also the hotel site was chosen as the first job Henry had was to oversee the prisoners in a gaol built there. 

500 relatives collected in the ballroom and a glittering night of food, music played by the Macquarie trio , stories of Henry and Susannah , cutting of the two giant heart shaped cakes made appropriately by the prisoners of Parramatta gaol kept the night moving. John Carruthers ,Dept.Supt.of Parramatta Gaol delivered a tale of the making of the cakes. The MC for the evening was Dr. Jim Kable. Relatives from all states of Australia attended as well as one man from USA.

One couple dressed as Henry and Susannah danced the Anniversary waltz after cutting one cake. The other cake was cut by Barry Agnew and his fiancé Lea, who were to be married the following Saturday. 

Dr. Jonathon King descendant of the early governor of the colony Phillip Gidley King gave a tongue in cheek speech of his observations of Henry and Susannah's achievements. 

Gifts were presented to the children who attended the night. As well as the representatives from the gaol there was also the doll maker Gladys Busch.

The event had been recorded as an Official Bicentennial Event. Representing the authority was Mr. Lawrie Strange the Queensland director of the Bicentennial Authority in charge of events for the year. The guests attended with their spouses. 

Guests all dressed in their finery as well as some in historic costumes ate drank and danced the night away somewhat like a similar event in the colony some 200 years before. 

It was an event never to be repeated or forgotten. 

Thus the night was over and the ancestors would have been very startled to know such a celebration was taking place where they had walked 200 years before.

                                                              Zillah Campbell----convener.