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Colleges class – Adamstown Uniting Church Hall
Gosford class – Church of Christ Hall, Wyoming
Strath Hunter class is not being held at present.

Events in the Hunter Branch area

… including links to Arthur's Strathspey Server dance event listings (shown as <Dance details> where they have been created). These listings show dance cribs, diagrams, videos, additional information, etc. where available for each dance.

For more information refer to flyers in The Rant or contact .

6:45 pm
Gosford class
Church of Christ Hall, 299 Henry Parry Drive, Wyoming

7:30 pm
Colleges class
Adamstown Uniting Church Hall, 228 Brunker Rd, Adamstown

27 August (Sat) Gosford 50th Anniversary Social <Flyer> <Dance details>
East Gosford Progress Hall, Cnr Henry Parry Drive & Wells Street
Live music: Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt
7pm: Drinks & Nibbles / 7:30pm Dancing
Admission: $25 (at the door) includes drinks, nibbles & supper

17 September (Sat) Hunter Valley Branch Annual Ball <Flyer> <Dance details>
Cavanbah Hall at 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour
Featuring Black Bear DuoIain Mckenzie & Emma Nixon
Programme Devisor: Jan McCudden
7pm: Drinks & Nibbles / 7:30pm Dancing
Tickets $50 early bird discount, $60 after 27th August
Enquiries: .

22 October (Sat) Hunter Valley Branch AGM + Dance <Flyer>
Dora Creek Community Hall, 2 Doree Place, Dora Creek
9:30–10 am: Morning Tea + Warmup
10:00 am–1pm: Dancing+AGM+Dancing
1:00–2:00 pm: Dancing
Admission FREE
Enquiries: .

4–6 November
Colleges' Riverwood Downs Weekend
featuring live music by Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt
Riverwood Downs 2022 application form. Enquiries: .

26 November (Sat) Hunter Valley Branch St Andrews Social <Flyer> <Dance details>
featuring live music by Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt
Adamstown Uniting Church Hall, 228 Brunker Rd, Adamstown
MC: Fran Bucello
6-7pm pre-dance walk-through / 7pm Drinks and Nibbles / 7:30 pm Dancing
Admission $10 / Please bring a small plate to share for supper
Enquiries: .

Additional Scottish Country Dancing Internet resources

Dance Videos [Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary]
Dance Instructions [Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary]
Scottish Country Dance Database [Strathspey Server]

Teacher Training Unit 2 Dances
RSCDS: Videos + Dance descriptions & diagrams
Strathspey Server: Videos, dance descriptions and diagrams

Some of Arthur & Julia Scottish Country dances…
Arthur's Reel – Julia
Bavarian Double – Arthur (instructions courtesy of Marney Wilson)
Let's Get This Sorted – Julia
Portarlington Beckons – Arthur

A Summer Celebration [2020!]

QR code for Let's Get This Sorted-A Summer CelebrationRSCDS Headquarters was very proactive during the COVID restrictions and prepared a programme of activities under the title “Dance Scottish – A Summer Celebration” with music workshops and dance classes which were recorded so they can be viewed online after the event. On behalf of the Hunter Valley Branch Ros McKie prepared one of these classes, and our production can be viewed on Arthur Kingsland’s RSCDS Hunter Valley Branch YouTube channel. Scan the QR code or use this link:

Download Size Warning: If you are intending to watch these videos on your mobile phone and you have issues with your monthly download allocation you need to know that watching these videos in high resolution (the default) will use up about 1-1.5 GB to view them once each! If your mobile phone is using a Wi-fi connection then you are probably OK.

The whole production has five parts (but due to time constraints only the first 3 were shown during the online class):

  1. Australian Winter Schools history + 43rd School in 2018 organised by the Hunter Valley Branch.
  2. Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt play some tunes and explain how they approach playing music for dancing highlighting the uniqueness of their approach as a duo.
  3. Teaching bars 1 to 32 of Let's Get This Sorted a new dance written by Julia Smith utilising various movements that best accommodate our current circumstances avoiding the need to give hands.
  4. Let's Get This Sorted – Bars 33 to 64. It is useful to see the second 32 bars to understand the sequence when starting in your partner's place.
  5. Let's Get This Sorted – Bars 1 to 64. This video combines items 3 and 4 above, edited to show twice through for Let's Get This Sorted.

Dance instructions can be downloaded here: Let's Get This Sorted by Julia Smith.

In case you were looking for it, here's a link to the Newcastle Irish Set Dancers website.

Arthur's comic!