2011 Bundanoon Dance Workshops
Rise to the Challenge

Celtic Eclectic is Arthur Kingsland & Julia Smith who will run two workshops at Australia's foremost festival dedicated solely to dancing - The Bush Dancing at Bundanoon festival held over the June long weekend in Bundanoon in the NSW Southern Highlands. This is a great initiative of Dave Johnson growing out of the Bush Traditions Festival held later in the year.

Arthur Kingsland & Julia Smith teach a mixture of dances from all the the major Australian-Anglo-Celtic dance genres ranging from traditional English & Irish through to dances composed in the current year. We teach under the banner of the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Club who generously support us in our dance activities.

The Workshops

Arthur & Julia present two workshops mixing & matching dances with influences the Australian, English, Irish, American, Scottish and related dance communities.

The two workshops are:

Challenging New Australian & English Dances

...let us stretch your dance repertoire and engage your brains as much as your feet!

The workshop will feature new Australian dances which have become popular in the Hunter Valley. These merge the Australian & English dance genres. One dances is quite easy, yet relatively unknown (to keep the interest of experienced dancers), but the others are much more complicated to ensure a lot of fun for experienced dancers.

The proposed program will be (probably only three of these, depending on time and progress):

Yankee Dutch Crossing & Cross Celtic Dances

- a different perspective on a dance you thought you couldn't handle [maybe the American viewpoint will help!], and some dances that cross cultural dance boundaries.

The proposed program will be (again probably only three of these, depending on time and progress):

  • The Wood Duck
  • Yankee Dutch Crossing
  • Escort to Leicester
  • Pine Needles
  • Roses Among the Thorns
  • The Healing Touch

Newcastle Ad-hoc Days of Dance (NADoD)

We run irregular days of dance up in Newcastle (and, with the right incentive, we may even be persuaded to run one a year on the NSW Central Coast). These dance days are lots of fun for experience dancers looking for extra challenges. Typically they feature some of the dances in the workshops, and a similar mixture of challenging dances from Australian, English, Scottish, American & Irish dance genres, from traditional 17th Century dances through to those written this year.

If you found the dances in the workshop within your reach, then you will probably like our days of dance. Note that these days are not suitable for beginners or those who find these dances cause geographical.

Please e-mail or ring to find out if you would be suited.

Contact details

For more information contact:
   Arthur Kingsland or Julia Smith Tel: 02 4955 5701
      Web: <http://users.tpg.com.au/juliasm/Irish-Dance/>

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